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The “Becoming A Flight Attendant” Story: That Leap That Changed Your Life

  It’s a question so common and familiar. It’s asked almost every time a flight attendant meets someone and ‘that someone’ finds out that the flight attendant is a flight attendant. If it’s obvious the flight attendant is that (because they are in uniform), travelers are intensely curious and intrigued by what seems to be […]

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In With The New…

I rubbed my eyes; shaking my head from side-to-side as if to shake the sleepiness from my brain and body. Tel Aviv. Paris. Delay. Los Angeles. It had been a long day of travel, and yet, I felt more rested than I had felt all week. “You slept the ENTIRE flight,” my middle-seat neighbor said […]

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“These Boots Were Made For Travel:” ‘Cabin Crew Shoe (& Winter Boot) Review

  I practically lived in my new pair of boots from while in Paris over the weekend. “Have you worn those every single day?” he asked me. Well, yeeeaaah. Is there a problem?!?! I am seriously impressed with the comfort, style, and warmth of the knee high black Katarina boot. Although I wore the […]

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“The Illusion…”

“This job– is  just an illusion. It gives you  the impression that you  are travelling, but you’re  not; really. But then, you meet people. But then, you leave people. You don’t decide anymore… Most of the time, we only get the worst of  travelling.” —Anonymous If only you could decrease the massive migraine brought about […]

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It’s Gonna Be Ok

The cursor hovered over the send button, as if it was cursing me; daring me to ‘just do it.’ Pressing send— it seemed impulsive, especially since yesterday I said I would stay through November. But, I was dragging out the inevitable wasn’t I? Playing, toying, dreaming, crying over the idea of leaving for months now. At […]

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So…This Is It?

Dream Job: CHECK London. Los Angeles. New York: CHECK. Pretty smile. Perfect Lipstick and the proper pour of Diet Coke. Done and done. You got it. You did it. You do it— The Flight Attendant Life. And, you dig it. Well…at least you mostly dig it. You dig the way people look at you and dig […]

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The Line Check: Cabin Crew Life

On a recent flight, we had a trainee. I’ve had a few trainees on my trips recently as new classes are graduating every month. And, the long-haul operation that I work for is small in comparison to many other airlines; which means that the probability of a new cabin crew on a flight is highly […]

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I Love You, But I’m Leaving…

“Ahhhh man,” he said as he leaned in to kiss me. “I wish you weren’t leaving tonight.” I smiled as I stared back into the bright sparkle of his crystal blue eyes. I genuinely meant it when I responded with a, “Me too.” It’s not that I was going to miss him. We had only […]

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The Unexpected Ways My Life Changed Since Flying International

It’s been almost two years since I left my first airline; a domestic, budget carrier that operated turn flights on single-aisle aircrafts. As soon as I went to International—with the fancy uniform and (some say adorable, some say horrible) hat— most thought that I was making a strategic career advancement. I would have better pay […]

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That Fairytale Life…

I just had the best weekend in London. I love that city more than you can know. I had a fairytale there last year—one that I won’t really go into too much detail— but I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret. I fell in love there, but not in the way you […]

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