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Making The Decision To Fly

Recently, I’ve come to understand something I didn’t really, completely “get” before. It’s this realization that it’s really hard to “become a flight attendant,” but not for the reasons you might think. Where the challenge lies is that it is difficult— and sometimes impossible— to make an utter life switch and total 180 degrees into […]

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What To Do After “Flight Attendant Life:” Interview with former flight attendants

It’s easy to think that a flight attendant’s life will end (at least all of the best adventures) if they choose to leave flying. But, what if there was more beyond, above, and before you, if you honor the nagging of “other things you want to do?” From France to Australia, California to Missouri, former […]

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“Long Term Parking:” A Transient & Temporary Airline Lifestyle

It’s not ironic that I watched a short doc about the transient nature of airline professionals while in an airport waiting for a flight. The thoughts and emotions portrayed through the film, captured from a lonely LAX employee parking lot hit close to home; very close. Too close. Will I always be alone in this […]

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Putting Your Best Face Forward: Flight Attendant Interview Looks

Feature Photo Credit: @MollyChoma   The flight attendant interview outfit can have a rather large impact on how you will be perceived in a interview. The people conducting the interview are likely to be current line flight attendants and they know that a big part of the flight attendant job is looking good. These recruitersA�are […]

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How-To Survive Flight Attendant Training

It is no secret that I was a flight attendant for a regional airline for a year before just recently starting training at my new mainline carrier. A�I have been under the radar the past couple of weeks and will continue to keep a low profile for the next few while I finish out my […]

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Here We Go Again

I lay on the half circle box, my side folding over the foam. A�My face translated the burning felt by working muscles. A�I exhaled in an attempt to minimize the discomfort, gritted my teeth, and thought, “It’s ok. A�I know when this will end. Only. [Breath]. Four more. [Breath]. A�Leg. [Breath]. A�Circles.” A�Done. Sigh. Ouch. […]

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