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Unfulfilled: A letter of hope for the ‘lost’ flight attendant

‘How can I hate this?’ you silently wonder. This was all that you dreamed of— for SO long! Everything about the lifestyle of flight attendants appealed to you, but since it’s been all yours for awhile now, you find yourself numb inside. Numb to what your dreams once were and numb to who you are […]

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10 questions flight attendants get ALL the time (and why you should ask something else)

Well y’all, it has been a while! I don’t know if you all remember me but my name is Meghan, you may know me from my Instagram handle @flywithmeghan. I used to be a regular contributor to this site, but then life caught up with me, and I took a little time off from writing. […]

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“No Middle Runway:” Why A Career As A Flight Attendant Is A Bad Idea If You Only a�?Kinda Like Ita��

  It seems to be a divided road, or maybe I should say; a�?runway.a�� Either peoplea�� observing us as flight attendantsa�� wonder how in the world we can do this crazy job, or they observe us with wonder, secretly hoping to land a career as cabin crew. I think ita��s rare for someone to think […]

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Flight Attendants & Pilots Can’t Avoid “The Long Distance Relationship” (But Date Them Anyway)

“You do realize that— as long as you work for this company— any relationship you choose to be in will be long distance, right? Or, at least, the relationship will always have an element of that.” The space between us lay quiet for a minute while the weight of my words settled into his consciousness. This […]

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Sleep: A Tribute To Flight Crewsa�� Favorite Lover

I wake up startleda�� blurry-eyed and confuseda�� strange due to the fact that Ia��ve been in the same timezone for a record-breaking two months now. Although, Ia��m feeling very much claustrophobic by the reality of a�?staying in one place,a�� there are many benefits to my a�?normal-boringa�? schedule. Ia��ve lost weight; even though I dona��t eat […]

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And It Sinks In…

“…I’m not going back to the cape, hat, and red leather gloves.” I closed my eyes; the Mercedes rocking my head side-to-side as the van sped the group onward to Tel Aviv. For some reason, I felt a tinge of sadness. Normally, when I went on trips for blogging or for fun, I would always […]

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Let’s Just Give Up |Thoughts On Finding Brightness In Dark Days

I’m going to give you an uncommon piece of advice. You need to just give up. Yeah. I know everyone tells you to, “Never give up,” “Don’t quit,” “Keep fighting,” but this time, I’m telling you something different. You need to give [that] [it] [he] [she] [the job] [hate] [envy] [insert the blank] up… to […]

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Why I Quit: Leaving “The International Airline”

EDITORS NOTE: I don’t even know when I wrote what you are about to read or where I had planned to publish it, but I found it while organizing content for my book project. Originally it was titled ‘Missing A Lot.’A�Although I explain how much my job as a flight attendant makes me miss out […]

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“The Illusion…”

a�?This joba�� isA� just an illusion. It gives youA� the impression that youA� are travelling, but youa��reA� not; really. But then, you meet people. But then, you leave people. You dona��t decide anymorea�� Most of the time, we only get the worst ofA� travelling.a�? a��Anonymous If only you could decrease the massive migraine brought about […]

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“Long Term Parking:” A Transient & Temporary Airline Lifestyle

It’s not ironic that I watched a short doc about the transient nature of airline professionals while in an airport waiting for a flight. The thoughts and emotions portrayed through the film, captured from a lonely LAX employee parking lot hit close to home; very close. Too close. Will I always be alone in this […]

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