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Too Close: A Flight Attendant’s Thoughts On The Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Please note: I was not there during the time of the incident, so these are simply my distant reactions. With Love, Kara My mind starts a sprint; ferociously running through anyone I know who could have been at Ft Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport on Friday morning. The time and Terminal 2 decreases the possibility that […]

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Best Outfits For Travel

Since I am a flight attendant, and also obsessed with clothes, I decided to dedicate this post on being stylish, yet comfortable while traveling.  While I am working, I obviously don’t have a choice on what I wear, but if I did, I would not be wearing a high waist polyester skirt and heels.  It […]

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Air Travel- “Regular” Passenger Style

I felt out of place.  Waiting in line, in regular clothes, in this location, seemed unnatural.  I purposely left my fancy juice concoctions unpacked.  I emptied my bottled of VOSS water pre-security, and watched as CREW cut in front of me in line.  I pulled my laptop out of my bag, put ballerina flats flat on […]

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Sleeping In Airports, Aruba, & Why I Like Surprises

Hiding after all night in an airport.  This is the glamour people don’t talk about. Apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment.  Or maybe it’s more that when you’re in love, your thinking bends to what others deem as irrational, but you define as wonderful, with all the inconveniences simply adding more color to the rose […]

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Airport Boredom Buster

I am sitting today. A lot.  A lot of waiting.  Right now I’m waiting at Charles de Gaulle in Paris.  Earlier, I was waiting in Lisbon, Portugal.  I didn’t want to pay for the internet there, so I found something to occupy my time… PHOTO BOOTH!!!! I swear, Mr. Jobs must have created photo booth […]

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TSA And Airport Security

I dreamed about TSA last night. I KNOW! I was as weirded out as you are right now.  Who does that?!? No, I’m not secretly wishing to hangout at an airport. No, I don’t have a crush on a TSA agent. Noooo, I don’t want to see one naked, although with the see-through-your-clothes scanners, I’m […]

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“Excuse me, Ma’am? Have You Forgot Your Brain?”

Beep, Beeeep, BEEP, BEEEEEP!!!! You roll over. 2:30 in the morning?  “Noooo,” you groan.  This must be some cruel joke that airlines like to play on their passengers, scheduling o’dark thirty departures. By four, you are in line, waiting to check in.  Then waiting for security. Then waiting for boarding.  It’s the game of hurry up […]

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