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Finding Your Balance

  You had plans. …and then you got stuck in Oakland. In Oslo. In Omaha, Nebraska. Weather. Aircraft swap. Maintenance. Flow. Crew rest. Staffing insufficiencies. Reflowed. Repositioned. Everything but returning home. And that special someone is left sitting at a table for two, the complimentary bread getting cold and the server tapping his or her […]

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Finding Your Way Home: How Flight Attendants Stay Grounded

A typical conversation between long-distance flight attendant friends: “Wait, I thought you were in Texas.” “Nope, Milwaukee to Houston and then to Monterrey, Mexico. Where are you today, Copenhagen?” “Nope, Los Angeles!” “Oh! Well, where will you be tomorrow?” … That is the million dollar question that none of us cabin crew actually know the […]

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Flight Attendant Diet:  Sugar Craving Solutions

Growing up with a Mommy dietitian, making healthy food choices was a habit thatA�formed when I was a little, but this doesn’t mean that I wasn’t, or still am not,A�invincible to sugar craving munchies.A� Oh man, do I ever have a sweet tooth!!!A� When I flyA�loooonnng days,A�my sweet toothA�likes to sneak up on me.A�A� Any […]

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Living Healthy

Six days and I didn’t see an airport or step foot on an airplane. A�I stayed in the same place every night. A�I woke up every morning to the sound of Dad throwing an assortment of fresh veggies into the juicer, the combination of carrots, lemon, and ginger, creating a bright blended liquid known as […]

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Finding My Balance

How easy is it to live a life that’s out of balance? Much too… I am the type of person that struggles with an all-or-nothing mindset. A�Black-and-white. A�It’s 100% or zero with me. A�When I live in this way, for too many weeks in a row, it catapults me into a realm of unhealthful living. […]

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