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“I Do This Because…” 9 Reasons Why Flight Attendants Must Fly

Ask a flight attendant why she flys… Ask a cabin crew why he packs his suitcase for the millionth time… Ask a recovering FA why she wants to return to the job she left ten years before… Ask, and you will find out so much.  Why would any sane person put up with airports, aircraft […]

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Baby, It’s Complicated.

I stare out the bay window of his apartment.  The semi-circle chaise lounge fits snuggly into the corner space.  An orange throw is draped over my outstretched legs, my computer perched, the keys patiently awaiting direction.  I like this room.  I like this room a lot.   I don’t remember days of the week.  I […]

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What Is ‘The Flight Attendant Life?’

I asked myself the question, “What is The Flight Attendant Life?” while staring at a mostly blank screen, trying to write.  I hate that word ‘trying’ because what it really means is failing, or not actually making it.  This week was trying.  It seems as if weeks are these days.  There is a joke between my […]

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“My life is a project of seeing the good in places, no matter where I am sent, no matter where I live.  Of appreciating the beautiful in myself, and not begging to be someone else.  I’m on a search to find that which I was meant to do; a process of discovering who I am, […]

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My Codependent Relationship

Always with me, I cannot break away. My grip holds tight. I wonder who I am without, Because we are always, Together. I rarely go unaccompanied. And I am always going. Somewhere. I travel, Questioned as to how I can go, Alone. But, I am never alone. I cannot be. Alone. My shadow.  My second half.  […]

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An Act Of Vulnerability

Right now, I’m on another airplane.  It’s always one airport to the next.  I don’t necessarily mind, as I’m truly beginning to embrace that it is simply a fact that I don’t sit still well.  I moved to Ft. Laudy Daudy to make myself stay, but have done little of that, spending more time in […]

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So Over You!

Driving to the airport this morning for my flight lesson, I realized something:  That I worry way too much, and I’m over it!  My morning had just begun, and yet, the concerns I had over things that I had absolutely no control over, were dragging me down, souring my mood.  Instead of focusing on the […]

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Peanut Butter Goes Better With Jelly

I sit around in my room for hours on end, drinking tea and listening to The Sleep Playlist on Spotify.  I curl up with a book, the only interruption being the frequent whistles of a text messages from the girls, because even though we are in four time zones, we stay together.  I wake up […]

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You Must Be My Soulmate

There is a lot that I never predicted about my Flight Attendant Life.  Once, I remember I said that if I was going to work for a different airline, I would only want to work for Southwest or Hawaiian, but I followed that by saying, “Not Hawaiian, because I don’t want to be based in Honolulu. […]

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How-To Be Productive On A Layover

How To Be Productive On A Layover… Answer:  Be my mom This is mom My mother is a little bit of crazy.  I think you have to be a little crazy to decide to become a flight attendant as a second career, in your 50s, in addition to your another job.  She’s doesn’t sit still […]

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