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The Flight Attendant Diaries: Snapshots of South Korea

As many of you know, Celessa and Luke (@theverydayjumpseater and @accidentallyluke) have been galavanting around South Korea this past week. In lieu of a travel article, we’ve opted to share a preview of our journey through a series of snapshots. e�?i��i��e�?e�� (Thank you), and enjoy.

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The Flight Attendant Budget: Ten Things I Wish I Would Have Known As A New Hire

Welcome to the skies, new hire flight attendant! It is a wonderful journey that you are about to embark upon, but keep in mind that your wallet just got a lot tighter. The new hire budget is a real thing that many new flight attendants struggle with. I was talking to CelessaA�the other day andA�she […]

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Overcoming Fear on My First Solo Trip to Paris

I am a believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – after all, that’s where all the magic happens. I’ve never had to use public transportation before. The first time I pushed myself to do it was in Ottawa, Canada on a work trip where I went solo in the freezing rain to […]

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Mountains, Temples and 3.2% Beer: Rediscovering Salt Lake City

The airplane lurches. I sit upright in my jumpseat, adjusting the straps of my shoulder harness. I pick up the intercom and calmly inform people that we will be experiencing some turbulence, and that yes, they should already be sitting down with their seatbelts fastened, their seatbacks and tray tables in the upright and locked […]

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BBQ, Redeyes and Getting Weird in Austin, Texas

My weekend was a littleA�weird. Friday I spent the day inA�Edmonton, Alberta, curled up with cocoa and my crew for our 30-hour layover. By Saturday I was back in Seattle, but only for the day. Sunday morning I was on the move again, this time to San Francisco, in order to work a redeye flight […]

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Nazareth, Haifa and Visiting North Israel

It is getting late. My dinner of pita, hummus and olives from the market is making me sleepy. Or maybe it’s the delicious Israeli wine. Anyways, the last few days have been amazing. And eye-opening. Jerusalem and the West Bank felt like a different country. No, a different continent. After two days and three nights […]

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A Flight Attendant Chef’s Guide:  How To Follow A Recipe

As the holidays approach, the baking season is upon us. A�Some of us will be entertaining, and some attending parties. Either way many of us will be attempting new baking projects. My goal today is to try to make it slightly less intimidating. A�Where can time be spared, and what if I don’t have that […]

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Car Buying, Speed Dating, & An Impossible Match

Emily had begged to go speed dating. A�I said there just wasn’t time, which seems a little oxymoron-ish considering speed dating’s whole concept revolves around quick assessments, and rejections, specifically for those individuals that don’t have time. A�I like that speed dating seems to have the potential for hilarity, and a good story, two aspects […]

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10 Ways To Make Travel Happen On Less

Small budget, big travel dreams? A�How can you visit the places that you want on your salary? A�It’s just not enough. A�Well, change your tune, and save your change, because it is possible to make travel happen on less, even if you aren’t a flight attendant! If you want something in your life, you can […]

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The Cheap Way To Visit Halong Bay

For those of you backpackers that just want the straight facts about a cheap and inexpensive way to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay, via Cat Ba Island, with the return to Hanoi different from your departure, just skip to the very end of this article A�I say this because bloggers sometimes annoy me when […]

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