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Love Built An Airline

I find myself asking the same question that a confused reader wrote ‘Dear Sugar.’ ‘Dear Sugar,’ backed by the devotion of Cheryl Strayed, anonymously bares her heart and soul— vulnerably and authentically— to answer inquiries on life, love, loss, and whatever topic the submitted email asks to discuss. With grace and wisdom, ‘Dear Sugar’ handles the […]

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Staying sane when a flight attendant schedule means ‘no schedule.’

It was 6am, in whatever mid-western city I happened to wake up in that morning. My phone brightly blinked awake as an incoming text vibrated an announcement. “Do you have an India Visa?” The words strung together on the screen as the most exciting and unexpected interruption I could have NEVER imagined to happen that […]

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Soulmate City + Danish Life 

I sit alone in my Danish apartment. Staring from left to right, and then back again, as soft music beats from a speaker in the kitchen. I’m snuggled under a blanket, on my Danish couch, in my Danish clothes, with my Danish bike waiting outside for me and for our next adventure. I’ve just returned […]

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What Personality Trait Makes A ‘Great’ (Not Just ‘Good’) Flight Attendant?

Since leaving commercial aviation as an international cabin crew member and jumping into the world of corporate aviation as a private cabin attendant, there is a question that I have been curiously flipping around my consciousness. This is an inquiry that I have tossed out for the career-term private cabin attendants to answer. As “the […]

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And It Sinks In…

“…I’m not going back to the cape, hat, and red leather gloves.” I closed my eyes; the Mercedes rocking my head side-to-side as the van sped the group onward to Tel Aviv. For some reason, I felt a tinge of sadness. Normally, when I went on trips for blogging or for fun, I would always […]

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My Layovers Though…

Rachael and I giggled as we wandered beneath bright blue Scandinavian skies; past bright buildings and impeccably dressed Danish men. Impolitelya��we stared with gaping mouths and eyes widea��at the beautiful species of humans that inhabit the city of Copenhagen. Gawd…the Danes though. [Insert love eye emoji here]. Rachaela��a colleague and one of my favorite people, […]

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I’m A Flight Attendant ‘Living The Dream:’ This Is What It Looks Like (Really)

A�Monday 2030 EST:A�It’s check-in. I’m working “a turn” to OSL. A turn is a two-day trip at my company. It’s somewhat of a joke between longhaul. Our trips are usually so long that a two-day trip seems quick, like a blink-of-the-eye or a snap-of-the-fingers. To me, it also feels like a waste of time, especially […]

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Life Of Bye

A� Some people feel trapped in their desk jobs. I knowa��not so much from personal experiencea��but because they have told me. These people who must stay crave adventure and an escape from the mundane. Their minds constantly wander to faraway places, while my feet wander in faraway places. These people believe thatA�they must stay for […]

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Why I Fly: 10 Things I Really Love About My Job As A Flight Attendant

Ten things I really love about my job Are you cabin crew? If so, let me pose this question: How many times have you heard, a�?Oh my gosh! Youa��re a flight attendant?! I always wanted to do that.a�?A�A million. Right? Sometimes as a crew member, its easy to get caught up in the negative. A […]

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