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The Norwegian Airlines That I Knew

My former airline is hiring extensively and aggressively. The growth is amazing and the opportunity— from both a travel perspective and employment perspective— is wonderful. Subsequently, there is increased interest over what the airline is like to work for; inquiries about pay and overall curiosity regarding the company. Although, I have never mentioned the company […]

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Pros And Cons Of Being A Commercial Flight Attendant

Everyone has their own reasons as to why they want to become a flight attendant. You may want to travel. You might hate your office job. Your boyfriend may have just broken up with you. Whatever your motivation may be, you have an idea of what you THINK a�?flight attendant lifea�� is like, but our […]

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Sleep: A Tribute To Flight Crewsa�� Favorite Lover

I wake up startleda�� blurry-eyed and confuseda�� strange due to the fact that Ia��ve been in the same timezone for a record-breaking two months now. Although, Ia��m feeling very much claustrophobic by the reality of a�?staying in one place,a�� there are many benefits to my a�?normal-boringa�? schedule. Ia��ve lost weight; even though I dona��t eat […]

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I Like It Here.

A contented smirk subtly spreads across my sunburnt skin as I move my board and kite bag from my bed to the corner of the room. The jostle jolts some sand that snuck inside, creating mini sand castles on the hippy looking blanket that covers the twin sized bed. I’m supposed to be creating castles […]

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The Unexpected Ways My Life Changed Since Flying International

It’s been almost two years since I left my first airline; a domestic, budget carrier that operated turn flights on single-aisle aircrafts. As soon as I went to Internationala��with the fancy uniform and (some say adorable, some say horrible) hata�� most thought that I was making a strategic career advancement. I would have better pay […]

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