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Soulmate City + Danish Life 

I sit alone in my Danish apartment. Staring from left to right, and then back again, as soft music beats from a speaker in the kitchen. I’m snuggled under a blanket, on my Danish couch, in my Danish clothes, with my Danish bike waiting outside for me and for our next adventure. I’ve just returned […]

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Artificial Brothers Copenhagen

The NA?rrebroA�neighborhood in Copenhagen is filled with a smorgasbord of cool, including a young, hipster crowd, that effortlessly blends fashion, music, and bike culture, making Hollywood hipsters’ feeble attempt at cool look pathetic. A�(It never sets a great tone when people can see that you are trying too hard). Copenhagen Bike Culture One of my […]

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What I Missed In History Class

I’m not sure where I was in high school and university, but as I was getting straight A’s, somehow I missed a lot of interesting and important information. Realizing that I need to expand my knowledge and achieve some enlightenment on past and present events, podcasts are my newest sidekick. A�I’ve shared my plight with […]

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