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Finding Your Balance

  You had plans. …and then you got stuck in Oakland. In Oslo. In Omaha, Nebraska. Weather. Aircraft swap. Maintenance. Flow. Crew rest. Staffing insufficiencies. Reflowed. Repositioned. Everything but returning home. And that special someone is left sitting at a table for two, the complimentary bread getting cold and the server tapping his or her […]

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Dear New Flight Attendant- What You Don’t Know About Airplane Food

Dear New Flight Attendant, Congratulations and welcome to the best and worst thing of your life. A�This job is filled with many highs and many lows, and with all of my baking background, I’m not the FA to sugar coat things. A�Today, I want to inform and help you with one of the issues that […]

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Tired of…

Tired ofa�� This life.A� It makes me tired ofa�� Disclaimer: Everyone has bad days at work. This is not the view of a collective group or an employer, but simply me exercising my freedom to whine. Ia��m tired of getting in trouble for my nails being painted with colors. A�I was told once that I […]

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Delays Happen: Dealing With Disappointments And Unexpected Inconveniences

Ia��m not gonna lie. A�Ia��m a little disappointed right now. A�I expected to land in Stockholm, arrive at the hotel, log-on to Wi-fi, and find a few things to have happened. A�Except, the story goes that I arrived at the hotel, only to discover than none of what I wanted to take place while I […]

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A Flight Attendant’s Fit Adventures In Chicago

When you go on a vacation, or have a long layover planned, ita��s always fun to search for great restaurants, shopping, and touristy things to do at your destination. A�I tend look for something fun and active to do. A�Whether it be hiking in Tucson Arizona (this past week), good places to run in London, […]

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13 Things That Do Not Make Sense To A Flight Attendant

1. A�Pilots 2. A�Why it is so difficult to find an electrical outlet in an airport. 3. A�Passengers’ confusion as to how to open the lavatory door. 4. A�Ironing 5. A�Why the hotel front desk placed the family with 10 (ok so maybe 2 but it sounds like 10) screaming children in the room next […]

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My Codependent Relationship

Always with me, I cannot break away. My grip holds tight. I wonder who I am without, Because we are always, Together. I rarely go unaccompanied. And I am always going. Somewhere. I travel, Questioned as to how I can go, Alone. But, I am never alone. I cannot be. Alone. My shadow.  My second half.  […]

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A Flight Attendant Christmas

I’m skipping through Spotify Christmas Playlists, listening to Christmas music, or trying to. A�Every two and half minutes, I changed the station. A�I find Bieber’s poppy excitement annoying, and Michael Buble, it isn’t beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Not for this Flight Attendant Life. I just found a playlist of Anti-Christmas Carols. A�Perfect. […]

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The Americano Life

Disclaimer: When I write tired, my filter vanishes. A�That being said, those that know me, or don’t know me, please don’t worry, or pity me. A�I think that, as abnormal as my life may be, I’m talking normal fears, normal reactions, normal struggles. A�Every one struggles in life at certain points, I just happen to […]

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A Flight Attendant’s Birthday

This week was Emily’s birthday, and the Hawaii girls were determined to make it special. A�I don’t think The Flight Attendant LifeA�could be without Emily. A�She’s been my constant sidekick for the past four years and counting. A�We met at the flight attendant interview when I told her that she couldn’t sit in that chair, […]

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