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Missed Approach: When Being A Flight Attendant Is About More Than Just Diet Cokes

The day started off pretty normal. I had picked up an easy day trip, or a local as we call them. I would show up at the airport at 10:30am, fly a quick roundtrip from Seattle to Ketchikan, Alaska and back, and be back in town by 4:30pm in time for drinks with friends. Easy […]

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Seven Things You Leave Behind When You Become A Flight Attendant

You gain so much when you enter this industry. Flight benefits, allowing you to fly all over the country, the continent and the world. The ability to stand in front of dozens or even hundreds of people and tell them how to be safe. Confidence in yourself and the knowledge that you could help save lives […]

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How To Survive An Airplane Crash

I went to the library today.  If you know anything about me, you’ll know that the library is a weakness of mine.  I just get carried away.  I lose track of time, the quick stop turning into multiple hours, as I wander and par ooze. The travel section. There’s no point in even fighting the […]

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