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Fit Gifts For Your Fly Friends- Twenty Under $20

The holidays are coming up fast and my stomach is already doing flips thinking about the lack of funds that I have to spend on gifts. On a new-hire flight attendant salary, I am A�trying to come up with inexpensive, yet interesting and unique gift ideas. A�I have many fitness obsessed friends and family members, […]

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The 26.2 Mile Story

Disaster struck. A�My 3rd marathon went to hell. A�Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic, but anyone who has trained hard for an endurance event would understand. Let me to a quick recap of the weeks leading up to the marathon for anyone who forgot, starting with my 18 mile training run: Everything was great; […]

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A Flight Attendant’s Marathon Training Stories

When working towards a goal, there are good days, and there are bad days. A�Last Saturday, I completed my 20 mile training run as part of the training that I am doing for an upcoming marathon. A�This was the 5th time in my life that I have run that far so I wasna�?t too intimidated.A� […]

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Fit Fly Gal:  ‘Fall’ Into Seasonal Fitness Habits

  For those of you who have already started to feel the slight (or dreadfully awful) chill in the air (depending on where you live), have you already thought about how, and when you are going to hibernate on your days off? A�These past few weeks in Chicago the weather has ranged from the low […]

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’20 Reasons to Not Workout:’ Sincerely, A Flight Attendant On Reserve

“20 Reasons to Not Workout:” Sincerely, A Flight Attendant On Reserve Ita��s a stormy, gloomy day here in Chicago, and my plan for a beautiful morning run has been destroyed. A�The Weather Channel predicted storms starting last night, and continuing on throughout the day. A�So, last night, I changed my plan and decided that I […]

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The Motivation Struggle

The Motivation Struggle I woke up mad at the world. A�I was overtired, overworked, and hadn’t slept well due to my dog having a thunderstorm panic attack from approximately 2am-5am. A�Ita��s hard to get any sleep when your 12 pound Cairn Terrier is sitting on your head practically clawing away at your brain, while hyperventilating, […]

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Fitness Friday:  “The spark in my heart that makes me run”

Last Saturday my alarm went off at 4:30am. A�All I wanted to do was throw my phone across my room, flush it down the toilet, start it on fire, or run it over with a truck, and go back to sleep. I sat in bed for a good 5minutes having an internal battle with myself. […]

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Fitness Friday:  The Habit To Help You Get In Shape

Nowadays, there is a fine line between a�?acceptablea�? and a�?obsessivea�? when it comes to health and fitness. A�Someone who works out 2 hours a day can be training for a competition or endurance event, or it could be someone who has an eating disorder or disordered body image. A�Someone who tracks their workouts and food […]

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Fit Fly Gal’s Top Tips To Stay Hydrated

It only takes a loss off 1-2% of your bodya��s ideal water content to cause dehydration. A�We all know that flying can dehydrate us as much as sweating from an intense workout can. We also know that flying can sometimes make us feel bloated. A�Did you know that drinking enough water is the best treatment […]

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A Flight Attendant’s Fit Adventures In Chicago

When you go on a vacation, or have a long layover planned, ita��s always fun to search for great restaurants, shopping, and touristy things to do at your destination. A�I tend look for something fun and active to do. A�Whether it be hiking in Tucson Arizona (this past week), good places to run in London, […]

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