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Dear New Hire: A Letter To A New Flight Attendant

I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long, everyone! I have been coasting through mainline life and trying to stay under the radar while working my booty off! I hope you enjoy.a�� Meghan A� Not many people are aware that I’ve always been New York City based and are even less aware that I’ve been […]

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The Single Flight Attendant: The Secret to True Happiness

Author’s note: Full disclosure, I’m not single. I’m in a long term relationship, and have been for some time. We have a house, a car, and a cat. While some of you might be asking: “Well, how do I achieve that?” I’m not going to answer that question. Because, today is about YOU. For many […]

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Which Airline Is The Best To Work For?

One of the most common subjects that readers, friends, or acquaintances ask Meghan, Celessa, or I is a spin off of the question, “Is this airline better than that airline?” or “Which one should I apply to?” or “Where should I work?” A�Due to the fact that these questions are so important to address, I […]

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Best Outfits For Travel

Since I am a flight attendant, and also obsessed with clothes, I decided to dedicate this post on being stylish, yet comfortable while traveling. A�While I am working, I obviously dona��t have a choice on what I wear, but if I did, I would not be wearing a high waist polyester skirt and heels. A�It […]

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Never Too Old:  Starting A Flight Attendant Career Later In Life

I think that it is more than appropriate to post this blog today. A�Today’s story is an interview with my Mom, and today, also happens to be her fifty-sixth birthday. A�I’m not outing her age because I think that she will love everyone knowing that fun fact, but because it’s relevant to the interview we […]

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Common Misconceptions of The Flight Attendant Career

There is always a disparity between how things seem to be, and how things actually are. A�Anais Nin said that, “We don’t see the world as it is, but as we are.”A� I have been surprised about what people believeA�The Flight AttendantA�LifeA�to be like, what it is actually like. A�This post is here to clear […]

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Galley Gossip, Mean Girl Moments, And Drama Mamas

So many personalities, backgrounds, and ideas brought together creates an environment where drama can brew, and in the flight attendant world, it often does.  It sometimes reminds me of grade school.  It sometimes reminds me of teenage girls.  It sometimes reminds me why I need a vacation. Sad day at the office The drama, often […]

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