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To The Airline That Inspired Me To Fly…

By Griffin BruehlA� I have been asked about my choice of resigning as a commercial flight attendant. Now, dona��t worry. I am still flying. Resigning is actually a really great thing for me, but the decision was NOT easy. The full story of how I got started in Aviation is something special to me. There […]

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What People Should Really Envy About A Pilot And Flight Attendant’s Job

Most people think that the greatest perks of an aviation lifestyle center around the intoxicating whirlwind of the best cities and places. Yeah. That can be a benefit, but honestly, it’s not the reason you should envy a pilot’s or a flight attendant’s job. The real reason you should be jealous of what they do— […]

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The “Becoming A Flight Attendant” Story: That Leap That Changed Your Life

  It’s a question so common and familiar. It’s asked almost every time a flight attendant meets someone and ‘that someone’ finds out that the flight attendant is a flight attendant. If ita��s obvious the flight attendant is that (because they are in uniform), travelers are intensely curious and intrigued by what seems to be […]

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Shedding An Identity: When Leaving An Airline Is More Difficult Than Expected

Although I haven’t been that happy in months, I find myself struggling to “just quit.” Because, it’s not like I’m completely unhappy. And, “If just a couple of things changed at work, I could be really happy.” But, things are not changing, at least not in ways that will improve my overall sense of well-being. […]

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11 Things That Hold You Back From Becoming A Flight Attendant [And Ways To Overcome Them]

a�?Well, Clappy the Kitten was going to be a movie star one day. But then she rang up too many bills on her Mastercard and had to get a job as a teller at the Hongkong Bank of Canada to pay them off. Before long she was simply too old to try becoming a stara��or […]

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The Grass Is Always Greener

I am incredibly thankful for my career despite its ups and downs (literally). Recently, one of my fantastic Charlotte roommates sat me down, and we had a miniature therapy session. She told me that she could sense that I was extremely stressed and anxious. I keep a cool exterior most of the time, but this […]

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10 Reasons Why Commuting Is The Best And Worst Decision You Will Ever Make

a�?New York, New York…a�? my driver whispered jokingly under his breath as he shook his head and avoided the four big bags of garbage that had found their way to the street en route to New York’s John F. Kenndy International Airport. At this point, I knew my move back to Charlotte, North Carolina wasA�the […]

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Two Things I Did As A Flight Attendant That Changed My Life

I’m sitting at a cafe in Oslo. It’s been rainy most of the day, but I forced myself to leave the comfort and coziness of my airport hotel room, venturing into what can be argued as the most expensive city in the world. Magically, the 20 minute Airport Express lead way to deep blue skies […]

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Who A Flight Attendant Is In Uniform

“Meghan, What is your employee number?” The manager standing behind the table reading my name off of my uniform asked. A million possibilities ran through my head of why she could be asking for this identification. Oh my gosh! What did I do? Why is she asking for my number?! Was I not allowed to […]

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Why I Fly: 10 Things I Really Love About My Job As A Flight Attendant

Ten things I really love about my job Are you cabin crew? If so, let me pose this question: How many times have you heard, a�?Oh my gosh! Youa��re a flight attendant?! I always wanted to do that.a�?A�A million. Right? Sometimes as a crew member, its easy to get caught up in the negative. A […]

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