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Don’t Date Pilots

I only titled this piece as such, because I thought you would read it if I told you not to date pilots. Really, this blog is called “Love + A Box Of Crackerjacks.” I hope you read it anyway. —Kara “Darling, you’re like the prize in a box of crackerjacks. You’re why we buy crackerjacks […]

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Ia��m a flight attendant but NOT your next casual fling.

Maybe I underestimated you and for sure youa��ve overestimated me. I assumed that you would have the capacity to think of me as more than a flight attendant fling or uncommitted counterpart. a�?Ita��s perfect,a�? you secretly surmise over two unpretentious cups of coffeea�� the type of beverage that squashes expectations and skirts responsibility. a�?She cana��t, […]

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Paris Is Always A Good Idea

The distinct piano notes, interrupted by beats and lyrics, carried a clear message through the dimly lit Parisian apartment. a�?Leta��s have a toast for the assholes. Leta��s have a toast for the scumbagsa��Runaway as fast as you can. Runaway from them, Baby. Runaway.a�?A� I may not have run fast, but more than one person I […]

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Happy [With Or Without You]

The hurt reminiscent of a break-up claws deep within me; begging for an avenue of escape. Wordsa�� which I so often use to break sadness, clear confusion, or portray hope and happinessa��feel grossly beyond reach. I pray to write something, anything, that will classify the mistakes, clarify the moments, and quantify the meaning that he […]

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The Intense Loneliness Of Dating Apps

  My Note: I don’t know if this blog goes here, but I didn’t want it to go somewhere else because I really hoped that you would see it and read it and feel it. Thank you for listening. —Kara I only download dating apps when I fail to keep my overzealous expectations of love […]

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Maybe It’s NOT Because You Are A Flight Attendant…

Sybil, the woman who I rent a room from and the one who has become a second Mom, was explaining something about the kitchen the other day. “Do you know how to do this?” she inquired. I shrugged, nonchalantly and responded with an uninterested, “Yeah.” She started laughing, knowing that I wasn’t exactly being truthful. […]

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Happy Anniversary, Lover

(One of the things I have been most grateful for as a flight attendant is the fact that I have meta�� and become friends witha�� some of the most amazing and inspiring humans I could ever imagine. This is a tribute to one of those people who I was lucky to meet and am lucky […]

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Ruined Me…

To youa��I hope that you dona��t read this, because I think ita��s a hard thing to read that you are being talked about instead of talked to; so tread softly, take the words lightly, and simply know that you gave me the adventure to write about, and to that gift, I am forever grateful. Thank […]

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Flings, Falling, & Fighting Time: The Way Of A Flight Attendant Relationship

I wish I knew when I would see you again. Do I matter to you? I think so, but I can’t tell with flight attendant life.A�Every moment feels so precious and so fleeting, because we move so fast. I’m not speaking aboutA�the rate that physical intimacy can travel at, but I’m referencingA�movement. That thing that […]

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Going The Distance: Two Perspectives On Loving And Dating A Flight Attendant

Featured Image is by Melanie Robin PhotographieA� Months ago, I asked one of my dearest friendsa��Katy, who is a colleague of minea�� and her boyfriend Frantz to write about their long distance relationship and what it’s like from both of their perspectives. We often get to hear about what it’s like being a flight attendant […]

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