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When the magic wears off…

By Jasmyne H. “Hammonds? Standby passenger Hammonds? Please approach the podium for your seat assignment.” It’s the moment most flight attendants live for. The sweet sound of hearing a gate agent call your name to let you know that you have a seat. After all, standby travel is one of the biggest perks of the […]

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Dating As A Flight Attendant In A Digital AgeA�

Editor’s Note:A�This was written a few weeks ago, in a slightly jet-lagged and frustrated moment. Enough said (but Tinder is still deleted). -K.M.A� A�Photo credit: @LoveAlanaChan I deleted Tinder. It was so novel and innocent when first discovered. Hikes to a treehouse in the Pacific Northwest. An attempted skydive on the North Shore of Oahu […]

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How-To Survive Flight Attendant Training

It is no secret that I was a flight attendant for a regional airline for a year before just recently starting training at my new mainline carrier. A�I have been under the radar the past couple of weeks and will continue to keep a low profile for the next few while I finish out my […]

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Calming The Chaos Of Fly Life With 5 Simple Steps To Increase Productivity

This fly life can be more than chaotic. A�The jet lag settles. A�The disorganization caused due to suitcase life and many destinations creates confusion. A�You just can’t seem to get it together. A�Then, your home again, living another life. A�You may have kids, another job, friends to take care of and catch up with. A�You […]

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Where Is The Pause Button On This Thing?

January 5th. A�I’m five days late with a newsletter that was due and supposed to be published. A�I have some freelance proposal that is due tonight. A�I missed blogging on Friday because I thought it was Thursday. A�I have schedules to make for the editors, bags to pack and unpack, meetings, planning for trips, errands, […]

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10 Reasons Why Becoming A Flight Attendant Needs To Be Your New Year’s Resolution

1. It’s time for you to not just step, but FLY out of your comfort zone.- This year, you want to grow, pushing yourself beyond limits that you once believed held you.  Becoming a flight attendant will push you completely out of your comfort zone, whether that be because you now are in a completely […]

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Dear New Flight Attendant- What You Don’t Know About Airplane Food

Dear New Flight Attendant, Congratulations and welcome to the best and worst thing of your life. A�This job is filled with many highs and many lows, and with all of my baking background, I’m not the FA to sugar coat things. A�Today, I want to inform and help you with one of the issues that […]

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It’s A Trip:  An Inside Look At What Defines A Flight Attendant’s Life

Trips are defining, determining where the flight attendant will fly, who the flight attendant is with or with not, and how long the flight attendant will be away. A�Trips are often why many become flight attendants, and trips are often why many give it up. A�Trips are often given, then taken- without reason, choice, or […]

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How to Survive Your First Year As A Flight Attendant

Your uniform has been fitted. Your wings have been pinned. You have been assigned a domicile and a giant manual full of rules and the flight benefits are starting to roll in. Welcome to your first year as a flight attendant. It’s going to be a little rough. Be prepared for that. But there are […]

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Cheers To The Pretty Drifter

“Cheers to The Pretty Drifter…” The bartender said this as he raised his can of RedBull and nodded ever so slightly in my direction. A�I smiled, tilting my head as if his title for me was a surprise. A�A ‘Pretty Drifter?’ A�Was this who I was when people met me, or what was assumed when […]

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