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Going The Distance: Two Perspectives On Loving And Dating A Flight Attendant

Featured Image is by Melanie Robin PhotographieA� Months ago, I asked one of my dearest friendsa��Katy, who is a colleague of minea�� and her boyfriend Frantz to write about their long distance relationship and what it’s like from both of their perspectives. We often get to hear about what it’s like being a flight attendant […]

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Life Of Bye

A� Some people feel trapped in their desk jobs. I knowa��not so much from personal experiencea��but because they have told me. These people who must stay crave adventure and an escape from the mundane. Their minds constantly wander to faraway places, while my feet wander in faraway places. These people believe thatA�they must stay for […]

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So Lonely Lately

This post isA�dedicated to someone who I love very much, who is like a little sister to me and who understands this life all too well. This is for the girl who feels fly life’s subtle sting sometimes. When hearing the click-click of the hotel room door is not comforting, but in fact isolating. In […]

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