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Just a reminder: “You DO love your flight attendant job”

It’s over ten years in— or maybe it’s your first year— but either way, every bright and shiny element of flight attendant life is faded; dull and tarnished by your jetlag, the worst of travelers and those god-damn sassy stews who overshare everything from the Union drama to last night’s “laid-over life.” You try to smile […]

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I’m a flight attendant and I don’t want to travel 

My definition of travel has adapted throughout the years; since beginning my employment in the aviation industry. Many pilots and cabin crew—who have been ‘lifers of the skies’— will mention that the last thing that they want to do is get on an airplane and go someplace on their days off. I’m not there yet. […]

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Mainstream Media Is Ruining Air Travel In The United States

Did you say ‘Flight’ or ‘Fight?’ Welcome to the rapid demise of air travel in America. As far as recent trends go in the United States, it’s highly probable that your next airline seat will turn into a front row ticket to an inflight MMA match. Every single major airline— even the one with so much […]

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Flings, Falling, & Fighting Time: The Way Of A Flight Attendant Relationship

I wish I knew when I would see you again. Do I matter to you? I think so, but I can’t tell with flight attendant life. Every moment feels so precious and so fleeting, because we move so fast. I’m not speaking about the rate that physical intimacy can travel at, but I’m referencing movement. That thing that […]

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I Wish I Could Bid…

“Ohhhh, I love OWS!” the text from Griffin read. Griffin was referring to the cable wakeboard park in Orlando that I had just tried out while on my layover. He wanted to go with me next timea��but thing isa��I didn’t know ‘the next time.’ A�I was thrilled at the thought of hanging out with him. […]

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“I Hate Being A Flight Attendant:” An Open Letter When We Judge Those Who Don’t Love Cabin Crew Life

Last night, during the hours of 1am and 3am,A�when jet lag consistentlyA�claims all hopes of sleep, I began searching for flight attendant videos on YouTube. This led me to discovering an uber talented blogger and vlogger’s channela�� a girl who once worked for Emirates. A girl who decided it wasn’t for her and quit. “Hmmm….” […]

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When Your Dream Airline Turns Into A Nightmare

This blog is dedicated to Grace & Keri. You once stood at the boarding door, greeting passengers with this genuine smile, communicating a presence and energy that permeated the aircraft, undeniably stating, “I love my job. I love being here. This flight attendant life is the best life ever.” Then you landed a job with […]

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That Moment When A Passenger Is Kicked Off Of A Plane

Apparentlya�� in this eraa�� flight attendants are booed for asking air traveler(s) to kindly disembark an aircraft. The most recent situation of disgruntled passenger news, that is causing a media frenzy, happened this week on an American Airlines/US Airways flight departing from Phoenix and bound for Portland, Oregon. With theA�current buzz regarding this certain passenger […]

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The Flight Attendant Grind

0300 Wake-ups. Plane after plane. Grumpy passenger after mean one. Prefaced by smelly person with ending credits that of anotherA�rude human. Normally, you are good at handling the circus of long days of flying, crowded airports, and TSA, but currently, all you keep thinking is, “I can’t even…”A� You can’t even because you are worn […]

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What It’s Not

You signed up for this. You choose to go to work everyday. You greet and smile at passengers like you love your job, but inside you feel like your airline is ruining your life. Your pay is terrible. The crash pad life is killing you. It’s a constant fight to keep your eyelids open. Your […]

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