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Staying sane when a flight attendant schedule means ‘no schedule.’

It was 6am, in whatever mid-western city I happened to wake up in that morning. My phone brightly blinked awake as an incoming text vibrated an announcement. “Do you have an India Visa?” The words strung together on the screen as the most exciting and unexpected interruption I could have NEVER imagined to happen that […]

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When the magic wears off…

By Jasmyne H. “Hammonds? Standby passenger Hammonds? Please approach the podium for your seat assignment.” It’s the moment most flight attendants live for. The sweet sound of hearing a gate agent call your name to let you know that you have a seat. After all, standby travel is one of the biggest perks of the […]

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10 questions flight attendants get ALL the time (and why you should ask something else)

Well y’all, it has been a while! I don’t know if you all remember me but my name is Meghan, you may know me from my Instagram handle @flywithmeghan. I used to be a regular contributor to this site, but then life caught up with me, and I took a little time off from writing. […]

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Flight Attendant Schedules: A Flight Attendant At A Major Airline ‘Bids’

One of the most frequent questions flight attendants field, or that I hear on this blog is, “What is your schedule like as cabin crew?” This inquiry usually leads to a rambling answer culminating with the simple summary, “Uhhh…I don’t know. It’s just weird.” It is just as weird as it is wonderful, and truthfully, […]

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This is #MyFlightAttendantLife: How A Flight Attendant Spends The Hours Of A Month

“Where are you?” they ask… I answer with, “Here.” I am here.A� But, always going there. My life is determined by three pages in a digital PDF document, sent to me every month around the 15th. This is my schedule. It’s also available on a website portal, which from that access point, it can be […]

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A Life Consumed

I can do both. I can totally fly and freelance. I can fly and date. I can fly and blog and sleep enough and have friends and, and, and… Yeah. Totally. I can do it all. A subtle smirk spreads across my light skin, rolling past messy hair and tired eyes. “Yeah right” would be […]

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Tired of…

Tired of… This life.  It makes me tired of… Disclaimer: Everyone has bad days at work. This is not the view of a collective group or an employer, but simply me exercising my freedom to whine. I’m tired of getting in trouble for my nails being painted with colors.  I was told once that I […]

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’20 Reasons to Not Workout:’ Sincerely, A Flight Attendant On Reserve

“20 Reasons to Not Workout:” Sincerely, A Flight Attendant On Reserve Ita��s a stormy, gloomy day here in Chicago, and my plan for a beautiful morning run has been destroyed. A�The Weather Channel predicted storms starting last night, and continuing on throughout the day. A�So, last night, I changed my plan and decided that I […]

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You Can(t) Count On Me

I planned to be in LA right now, at my Hermosa home. A�I was going to go to an air show this weekend with a couple cutie pilots. A�On Tuesday, I was looking forward to adventuring to London. A�Then Norway. A�Maybe Paris. A�And I was just going to stay. A�Stay until I decided that I […]

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