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10 questions flight attendants get ALL the time (and why you should ask something else)

Well y’all, it has been a while! I don’t know if you all remember me but my name is Meghan, you may know me from my Instagram handle @flywithmeghan. I used to be a regular contributor to this site, but then life caught up with me, and I took a little time off from writing. […]

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Flight Attendant Schedules: A Flight Attendant At A Major Airline ‘Bids’

One of the most frequent questions flight attendants field, or that I hear on this blog is, “What is your schedule like as cabin crew?” This inquiry usually leads to a rambling answer culminating with the simple summary, “Uhhh…I don’t know. It’s just weird.” It is just as weird as it is wonderful, and truthfully, […]

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This is #MyFlightAttendantLife: How A Flight Attendant Spends The Hours Of A Month

“Where are you?” they ask… I answer with, “Here.” I am here.  But, always going there. My life is determined by three pages in a digital PDF document, sent to me every month around the 15th. This is my schedule. It’s also available on a website portal, which from that access point, it can be […]

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A Life Consumed

I can do both. I can totally fly and freelance. I can fly and date. I can fly and blog and sleep enough and have friends and, and, and… Yeah. Totally. I can do it all. A subtle smirk spreads across my light skin, rolling past messy hair and tired eyes. “Yeah right” would be […]

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Tired of…

Tired of… This life.  It makes me tired of… Disclaimer: Everyone has bad days at work. This is not the view of a collective group or an employer, but simply me exercising my freedom to whine. I’m tired of getting in trouble for my nails being painted with colors.  I was told once that I […]

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’20 Reasons to Not Workout:’ Sincerely, A Flight Attendant On Reserve

“20 Reasons to Not Workout:” Sincerely, A Flight Attendant On Reserve It’s a stormy, gloomy day here in Chicago, and my plan for a beautiful morning run has been destroyed.  The Weather Channel predicted storms starting last night, and continuing on throughout the day.  So, last night, I changed my plan and decided that I […]

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You Can(t) Count On Me

I planned to be in LA right now, at my Hermosa home.  I was going to go to an air show this weekend with a couple cutie pilots.  On Tuesday, I was looking forward to adventuring to London.  Then Norway.  Maybe Paris.  And I was just going to stay.  Stay until I decided that I […]

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