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Making The Decision To Fly

Recently, I’ve come to understand something I didn’t really, completely “get” before. It’s this realization that it’s really hard to “become a flight attendant,” but not for the reasons you might think. Where the challenge lies is that it is difficult— and sometimes impossible— to make an utter life switch and total 180 degrees into […]

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“The Motions:” Because Nobody Loves ‘Mile 17’

a�?Awwwwa�� I dona��t like seeing you like this,a�? he said with concern in his voice. I pursed my lips and sighed. Just be happy. Find what you can be thankful for in this situation. Practice patience. I repeat this to myself daily. I chastise myself for complaining about my first world problems. I wonder whether […]

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Taking Flight And Having It Taken Away: One Flight Attendant’s Story Of Being “Unfit To Fly”

“Once you’ve taken flight, it’s the hardest thing to live with both feet on the ground.” a��AmA�lie Being a flight attendant became part of my identity almost instantly. I started flying with an international airline about a year ago. In that short amount of time, I climbed The Great Wall of China in Beijing, spentA�el […]

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Why I Quit: Leaving “The International Airline”

EDITORS NOTE: I don’t even know when I wrote what you are about to read or where I had planned to publish it, but I found it while organizing content for my book project. Originally it was titled ‘Missing A Lot.’A�Although I explain how much my job as a flight attendant makes me miss out […]

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“The Illusion…”

a�?This joba�� isA� just an illusion. It gives youA� the impression that youA� are travelling, but youa��reA� not; really. But then, you meet people. But then, you leave people. You dona��t decide anymorea�� Most of the time, we only get the worst ofA� travelling.a�? a��Anonymous If only you could decrease the massive migraine brought about […]

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Remember The Pilotsa��A Tribute To The ‘Other’ Crew

Oftena�� as a collective groupa�� flight attendants don’t speak well of cockpit crew and often, this is for good reason. I’ve trusted the wrong types; the ones who have a character less than best, a humor less than appropriate, and a reputation that more than precedes their arrivals. The profession,A�Pilot,A�carries with it a certain stereotype […]

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In It For The Long Haul: A Commitment Manifesto

“Please. I can’t even commit to a lipstick.” I laugh when you say that I should own the t-shirt that broadcasts this statement. I smirk when you ask me for the thousandth time who I’m dating now or whatA�hot guy I’ve met recently. I’m praised for my independence and need for no one. My life […]

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“Not Always Ok:” The Story Of The Red Balloons

  a�?Katy,a�? I said. a�?Ia��m not doing a very good job at this.a�? She looked at me, inquisitively, before her gaze went back to the passengers boarding our aircraft. a�?What, Honey?a�? she questioned gently, as she intuitively knew by my tone that I was not speaking about work or the airplane. a�?At forgetting him.a�? I […]

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Going The Distance: Two Perspectives On Loving And Dating A Flight Attendant

Featured Image is by Melanie Robin PhotographieA� Months ago, I asked one of my dearest friendsa��Katy, who is a colleague of minea�� and her boyfriend Frantz to write about their long distance relationship and what it’s like from both of their perspectives. We often get to hear about what it’s like being a flight attendant […]

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The Girl Always Looking For Whata��s Next

The Girl Always Looking for Whata��s Next By: TaliaA� Is it just a bad case of wanderlust? That itch to go somewhere that just wona��t go away? Continuously looking at Pinterest and travel blogs for ideas of where to go? *raising hand and claiming these statements* I often wonder why cana��t I just sit still […]

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