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Instantly Book A ‘Home-Away-From-Home’ With Overnight App: How It Works

  A few weeks ago, I was in the San Francisco Bay area training with SKYacademy to become a SkyAngel. I packed this training between a busy commercial trip at the beginning and a busy commercial trip immediately following (not a schedule I would actually recommend anyone doing). Commuting back to Ft Lauderdale after the […]

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The Flight Attendant Diaries: Snapshots of South Korea

As many of you know, Celessa and Luke (@theverydayjumpseater and @accidentallyluke) have been galavanting around South Korea this past week. In lieu of a travel article, we’ve opted to share a preview of our journey through a series of snapshots. e�?i��i��e�?e�� (Thank you), and enjoy.

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The Flight Attendant Life Travels:  Budget Travel Meets Luxury In Lisbon, Portugal

The Independente:A� Budget Travel Meets Luxury In Lisbon, Portugal In January, I found myself in Lisbon for a second visit, as I loved it so much a few years back when I spent a couple of days there with my one-and-only airline travel companion, Jimmy.A� To say that I have been blessed with good travel […]

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Overcoming Fear on My First Solo Trip to Paris

I am a believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – after all, that’s where all the magic happens. I’ve never had to use public transportation before. The first time I pushed myself to do it was in Ottawa, Canada on a work trip where I went solo in the freezing rain to […]

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Why I Can’t Stop Missing Israel

I’m on an airplane, flying to a place that feels like home, one of my favorites: Copenhagen. A�And yet, I can’t stop thinking about another place. A�Israel. A�Maybe most women daydream about a lover or a potential, but most often, my thoughts are centered around traveling; between places I’ve been, places I want to go, […]

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Travels With Mom:  Two Days In Amsterdam

Travel with my mom, and you will get lost. Travel with me, and you will definitely get lost. Put us together with some bikes, a map and some simple canals to follow anda�� well, wea��re lucky to be in the same country by the end of the day. Most of mom and my trip consisted […]

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I Don’t Want To Fly Anymore…

And as I write that sentence, I feel tears welling up, blurring my current view, which is a street in the city of Nazareth. A�Yeah, you read that right. A�I’m in Israel. A�Not for work this time, but because I have days off. A�Always somewhere, for work and play.   That’s The Dead Sea You […]

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A Holiday Tour Around The World

I’m currently on a paid holiday tour around part of the world. A�It’s eight days long…I think. A�I forget how many days it is actually, because I actually really never know the day, the date, the time, or the zone. A�This tour comes with free flights, free hotel stays, and friends. What more could a […]

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The Flight Attendant Life Eats

Welcome to The Flight Attendant Life Eats. A�I just wanted to take a moment and explain a little bit about me, and this blog. A�My mission, as ‘The Food Editor,’ is a few things: I would like to create easy recipes to make on the go (on a plane) Places to eat Somewhere to share […]

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Summer In Scandinavia

Summer in Scandinavia makes an already incredible part of the world just that much more appealing. A�Long days, comfortable weather, music festivals, architectural delights, lovely cafes, and gorgeous people? A�What more could any girl want, especially this girl, who is so thankful to escape Florida whenever possible, and has come to believe that in her […]

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