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A Flight Attendant’s Top 5 Travel Tips To Stay Sane, Serene, & Stylish When Traveling The World

(A sponsored post in partnership with The Container Store) Organization on all fronts— home and hotel— for peak travel happiness. To take off and land with your sanity, serenity and sweet style, it’s REALLY important that you stay as organized. In your bag. In your home. On the airplane. Keep your closet organized. Keep your […]

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Instantly Book A ‘Home-Away-From-Home’ With Overnight App: How It Works

  A few weeks ago, I was in the San Francisco Bay area training with SKYacademy to become a SkyAngel. I packed this training between a busy commercial trip at the beginning and a busy commercial trip immediately following (not a schedule I would actually recommend anyone doing). Commuting back to Ft Lauderdale after the […]

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The Flight Attendant Diaries: Snapshots of South Korea

As many of you know, Celessa and Luke (@theverydayjumpseater and @accidentallyluke) have been galavanting around South Korea this past week. In lieu of a travel article, we’ve opted to share a preview of our journey through a series of snapshots. e�?i��i��e�?e�� (Thank you), and enjoy.

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The Flight Attendant Life Travels:  Budget Travel Meets Luxury In Lisbon, Portugal

The Independente:  Budget Travel Meets Luxury In Lisbon, Portugal In January, I found myself in Lisbon for a second visit, as I loved it so much a few years back when I spent a couple of days there with my one-and-only airline travel companion, Jimmy.  To say that I have been blessed with good travel […]

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Overcoming Fear on My First Solo Trip to Paris

I am a believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – after all, that’s where all the magic happens. I’ve never had to use public transportation before. The first time I pushed myself to do it was in Ottawa, Canada on a work trip where I went solo in the freezing rain to […]

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Why I Can’t Stop Missing Israel

I’m on an airplane, flying to a place that feels like home, one of my favorites: Copenhagen. A�And yet, I can’t stop thinking about another place. A�Israel. A�Maybe most women daydream about a lover or a potential, but most often, my thoughts are centered around traveling; between places I’ve been, places I want to go, […]

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I Don’t Want To Fly Anymore…

And as I write that sentence, I feel tears welling up, blurring my current view, which is a street in the city of Nazareth. A�Yeah, you read that right. A�I’m in Israel. A�Not for work this time, but because I have days off. A�Always somewhere, for work and play.   That’s The Dead Sea You […]

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A Holiday Tour Around The World

I’m currently on a paid holiday tour around part of the world. A�It’s eight days long…I think. A�I forget how many days it is actually, because I actually really never know the day, the date, the time, or the zone. A�This tour comes with free flights, free hotel stays, and friends. What more could a […]

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The Flight Attendant Life Eats

Welcome to The Flight Attendant Life Eats. A�I just wanted to take a moment and explain a little bit about me, and this blog. A�My mission, as ‘The Food Editor,’ is a few things: I would like to create easy recipes to make on the go (on a plane) Places to eat Somewhere to share […]

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Summer In Scandinavia

Summer in Scandinavia makes an already incredible part of the world just that much more appealing. A�Long days, comfortable weather, music festivals, architectural delights, lovely cafes, and gorgeous people? A�What more could any girl want, especially this girl, who is so thankful to escape Florida whenever possible, and has come to believe that in her […]

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