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Flight Attendants & Pilots Can’t Avoid “The Long Distance Relationship” (But Date Them Anyway)

“You do realize that— as long as you work for this company— any relationship you choose to be in will be long distance, right? Or, at least, the relationship will always have an element of that.” The space between us lay quiet for a minute while the weight of my words settled into his consciousness. This […]

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When The Friendly Skies Are Too Friendly

I remember being dizzy with exhaustion. I remember feeling so disconnecteda�� more tired than usual after working a ten hour flighta��but, I had agreed to go with this pilot to his boat that was a few hours by train away from my layover city. I saw it as an adventure. I figured this pilot was […]

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Summer In The Skies: How Cabin Crew Make Work A Vacation

I’m sitting in a warm, darkened aircraft, fanning myself with a passenger safety card. The lights are off, the power shut down. A few rows back, my co-flight attendant props her feet up and enjoys her lunch. She sighs. There’s something wonderful about getting to work early, and enjoying the stillness of the airplane before […]

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How-To Survive Flight Attendant Training

It is no secret that I was a flight attendant for a regional airline for a year before just recently starting training at my new mainline carrier. A�I have been under the radar the past couple of weeks and will continue to keep a low profile for the next few while I finish out my […]

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Does Aviation Ruin Relationships?

Vegas International Airport. A�I was stand-by stuck. A�My day had started at 4a, attempting to commute from Los Angeles, to Ft. Lauderdale, on what was said to be the busiest travel day of the year. A�It was now 10p, and I was not much closer to my intended destination. A�My only hope was the extra […]

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How To Give A Flight Attendant Your Number

Flight Attendants meet people every day, everywhere, all of the time, but contrary to popular belief, flight attendants aren’t constantly being asked out on dates; giving, or getting numbers. A�Keep in mind a flight attendant is ‘at the office,’ and we do try to keep our work world professional. A�That being said, I’ll admit that […]

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5 Things All Passengers Should Do Before Boarding An Airplane

Be a better passenger, and follow these five before boarding an airplane. Feed, Clothe, & Water Yourself I’m A�a flight attendant, not your Mom. A�It’s not my job to pack a special lunch for you that meet all of your dietary needs, carry your personal water bottle for you, and stock the airplane closet (that […]

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The Flight Attendant Uniform

When I’m at airports and see an international flight crew walking through the terminal, I stare. A�I know it’s rude to stare, and it makes people uncomfortable, but I can’t help it! A�They just look so good. The perfect hair, nails, and make-up…is it even possible that those flight attendants have been on a plane […]

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Dating And The Flight Attendant Life

I have been post-poning this post.A� It is one that has the potential to be highly entertaining, as well as self-incriminating,A� but mostly self-incriminating. Two posts ago, I gave my advice on dating flight attendants.A� The two-wordA�post was meant for the laughs, the Facebook likes, and the website clicks.A� It worked. But the truth?A� Well, […]

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