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A Flight Attendant’s Facebook Updates That Will Make You Question Humanity

  People constantly ask me, “What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened on the plane?” I always shrug and say, “I dunno.” For the most part and to be quite honest, my airplane days are mostly uneventful and in the moments that they aren’t, it just seems normal. But for some stews, life is […]

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5 Gifts To Give The Flight Attendant In Your Life This Holiday Season

I was out wandering Las Olas Blvda�� the quaint restaurant row and fancy shopping avenueA�in Ft Lauderdale. It was window and ‘sometimes walking-in’ shopping. While purchasing a knick-knack, I asked, “Why the 25 percent off pre-sidewalk sale?” The girl looked at me like I must live onA�Mars, as everyone should know why there was a […]

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“I Do This Because…” 9 Reasons Why Flight Attendants Must Fly

Ask a flight attendant why she flys… Ask a cabin crew why he packs his suitcase for the millionth time… Ask a recovering FA why she wants to return to the job she left ten years before… Ask, and you will find out so much. A�Why would any sane person put up with airports, aircraft […]

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Dear New Flight Attendant- What You Don’t Know About Airplane Food

Dear New Flight Attendant, Congratulations and welcome to the best and worst thing of your life. A�This job is filled with many highs and many lows, and with all of my baking background, I’m not the FA to sugar coat things. A�Today, I want to inform and help you with one of the issues that […]

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The Perfect Combination Of Chaos And Control

So I am now 27a�� This is what being a year older and a year wiser looks like. Last year, I had a break up, quit my job, moved, my close friend passed away. A�I went on a cross country road trip. A�I galavanted out of the country, moved again, broke my arm, found a […]

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What Is ‘The Flight Attendant Life?’

I asked myself the question, “What is The Flight Attendant Life?”A�while staring at a mostly blank screen, trying to write. A�I hate that word ‘trying’ because what it really means is failing, or not actually making it. A�This week was trying. A�It seems as if weeks are these days. A�There is a joke between my […]

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How To Give A Flight Attendant Your Number

Flight Attendants meet people every day, everywhere, all of the time, but contrary to popular belief, flight attendants aren’t constantly being asked out on dates; giving, or getting numbers. A�Keep in mind a flight attendant is ‘at the office,’ and we do try to keep our work world professional. A�That being said, I’ll admit that […]

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Don’t Leave Me Here

I don’t feel very alive at this moment. A�Maybe it’s that I’ve been living so alive, so fully, at such high intensity, that I’ve temporarily run out of pizzaz. A�Only for a second though. A�Liken me to an iPhone, and I’m at about 5% right now. A�All the apps are draining my battery. Tired girl […]

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Benefits Of Flying For A Large Airline

Recently, I wrote about the benefits of working for a small airline. A�I have been very grateful for my flying experience, but it is all that I know. A�I wanted to learn about what the opposite is like, and I thought it would be appropriate to share the counter perspective with readers. My friend Bri, […]

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Peanut Butter Goes Better With Jelly

I sit around in my room for hours on end, drinking tea and listening to The Sleep Playlist on Spotify. A�I curl up with a book, the only interruption being the frequent whistles of a text messages from the girls, because even though we are in four time zones, we stay together. A�I wake up […]

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