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Dear New Flight Attendant- What You Don’t Know About Airplane Food

Dear New Flight Attendant, Congratulations and welcome to the best and worst thing of your life.  This job is filled with many highs and many lows, and with all of my baking background, I’m not the FA to sugar coat things.  Today, I want to inform and help you with one of the issues that […]

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Babes & Beards

I had planned on going to Los Angeles.  There were things that I really wanted to do, and someone that I really wanted to see, but unfortunately, Tuesday got in my way.  How does Tuesday get in my way, you wonder?  Well, it’s an airline fact that Tuesdays, and Saturdays, are low fly days; less […]

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Why Travel Brings Happiness

Often, I am asked if I have always had a love for travel, and traveled a lot when I was younger.  Well, not really.  My family went on family vacations, but mostly road trips up the California and Oregon Coast.  We did go on volunteer trips every so often over Christmas Holidays to places like […]

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Learning To Kiteboard In Maui, Hawaii

You know that feeling you get when you finally accomplish something that you have wanted to, and it makes you smile?  Completely happy?  The internal satisfaction of knowing that you set your mind to a task, took the time, energy, and resources to see it to fruition. Yesterday, I finally kited.  Really kited.  It was […]

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A Flight Attendant’s Birthday

This week was Emily’s birthday, and the Hawaii girls were determined to make it special.  I don’t think The Flight Attendant Life could be without Emily.  She’s been my constant sidekick for the past four years and counting.  We met at the flight attendant interview when I told her that she couldn’t sit in that chair, […]

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The Crew Layover

Layovers- people outside of the airline industry have a curiosity, questioning what happens on these overnight trips.  Just as many seem to believe that being a flight attendant is glamorous, they’ve also made up scenarios of what a cabin crew members’ lives are like when away.  But this life has to include hookups with hot […]

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Take-Offs & Landings.

Take-off. What I do best. Landing?  Still circling the pattern. This begins one month in Washington. I don’t think that being a flight attendant has to be as gypsy-esque as my life has been since December.  It just so happens to be how my life is currently.  It doesn’t mean this is every flight attendant’s […]

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Oahu Hikes

I like hiking.  Not so much mountain climbing, like my flight attendant friend Nicole, who dreams and plans on climbing the biggest mountains in the world, but I prefer leisure hikes that don’t take pick axes or Sherpas (although I wouldn’t be opposed to a personal assistant during an afternoon stroll up a hill).  I […]

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Did I Just Turn 21???

Not even close, but with the fun of my life, you’d think I was just a youngster. Last year, I wrote about saying goodbye to twenty-five.  I described twenty-five in five words, and I penned my hopes for twenty-six.  My list included activities like taking a writing class, studying Spanish, and learning to play one […]

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From Airport Circus To Actual Circus

Disclaimer:  Mr. Richie Gaona…please don’t hate me for the title.  It’s simply for catch-i-ness:) ha…get it? Yep. Knee slapper. Thank you. So, that’s enough of that.  Maybe you’ve already given up on reading, and that’s fine.  Because I’ve actually given up on writing for this blog.  I used up all of my creativity on the […]

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