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How That Works

I have this best friend. She isn’t a flight attendant. She’s a creative; an inspiration. She makes me think about life differently, often in the moments when I desperately need to think differently. I hope you have people in your life that are like this. It’s like aira��absolutely necessary to truly live.A� My friend’s name […]

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Confessions Of A Flight Attendant: Absolutely Worth It

The cooling unit of my hotel room in Queens sounds like the traffic buzzing on a crowded New York street. It’s loud and obnoxious, but I drown it out, because I accept that the noise comes with the territory. A lot comes with this territory. A lot of extremes; extreme jet lag, extreme happiness, extreme […]

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From Blog Reader To Flight Attendant

During my sophomore year of college, I had this crazy idea. After graduation, I was going to become a flight attendant. It seemed like the perfect idea. I would be able to travel the globe, meet interesting people from all over the world, and break free from the typical 9 to 5 lifestyle. But then […]

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5 Ways To Make Goal-Setting Not Just Something You Say, But Something You Do

We all have goals and dreams, but what stops some of us from actually achievingA� our intentions?A� I feel like there can be a fine line between success and failure, many of us never making the jump into what we want, where we want to be, and who we want to become. Why cana��t we […]

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Starting the Journey and Finding Your Fitness Vision

Starting out on any fitness journey is hard. It’s a lot like traveling, as you may already know. With everyA�different place you discover – you recreate yourself. Fitness is a lotA�the same way. The thing is, once you start, fitness isA�just a continual process. You’re always learning, and that’s a good thing! It’s just like […]

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Overcoming Fear on My First Solo Trip to Paris

I am a believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – after all, that’s where all the magic happens. I’ve never had to use public transportation before. The first time I pushed myself to do it was in Ottawa, Canada on a work trip where I went solo in the freezing rain to […]

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Fitness for The Flight Attendant Life: Meet Natasha

Hi everyone! My name is Natasha. I am a previous fitness competitor, theA�mother of a seven-year-old and now a full time flight attendant working the skies with you! I understand how hard it is to stay in shape while on the go, and can empathize with you all. I am hoping to be a resource […]

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Rejection: It’s not just a flight attendant thing

Within the past week, I fielded a couple of rejections- one writing related and one dating related. A�The simple email response from the intern telling me, “I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to sell your writing,” had me oddly happy as any response from literary agencies, even a “we don’t want you,” is fairly […]

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I Don’t Want To Fly Anymore…

And as I write that sentence, I feel tears welling up, blurring my current view, which is a street in the city of Nazareth. A�Yeah, you read that right. A�I’m in Israel. A�Not for work this time, but because I have days off. A�Always somewhere, for work and play.   That’s The Dead Sea You […]

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7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life

7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life Can I make an embarrassing confession?A� Really, I know ita��s not something I should feel embarrassed about, but with this little known fact, I am a bit quiet.A� Ita��s private and personal and not who you see me to be now.A� There is more to the story than […]

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