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I Want You To Stay: An Open Letter To The Runaway Flight Attendant

Faster. Farther away. Run. Fly. Go. I push my foot down on the accelerator and drive off. I push my car up to the speed limit and then just over the limit, daring somebody to stop me. The sky is dark and the clouds gather as I get on the highway, taking me away from home. […]

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I’ve Replaced My Nose Ring With A New Airline

When I was eighteen, it was a big deal when I came home from boarding high school with my ears pierced.  Initially, it was only my Aunt that noticed.  My father, and mother realized my rebel act only after it was pointed out.  When I was twenty-six, I came home from Istanbul, with a nose […]

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Don’t Leave Me Here

I don’t feel very alive at this moment.  Maybe it’s that I’ve been living so alive, so fully, at such high intensity, that I’ve temporarily run out of pizzaz.  Only for a second though.  Liken me to an iPhone, and I’m at about 5% right now.  All the apps are draining my battery. Tired girl […]

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God & Strip Clubs

Among the myriad of projects that I have on my agenda is to write a book.  This isn’t a new addition per se.  It’s something that I have thought about, but it was Dorie’s encouragement, when we were living in Bellingham this past May, that gave me the push to think more seriously, and to […]

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Dear Daughter

I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent, but if I had a daughter, this is what I would want to tell her.  And, maybe this is what The Daughter in me, needs to hear, also.  Maybe you need to hear it too. Dear Daughter, I’ve said before, many times in fact, that […]

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Just write.  That’s what I’ve been repeating to myself for the last two days.  But what do I say?  How much of my private life do I make public?  How many secrets should I share this time?  People have told me that when they read through the blog, they feel like they know me, even […]

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The Twenty-Something Catastrophe

Inspired by my Brother and Sis-law who shared a TED Talk with me, Jesse, and other stories from flying, dating, and my journey through my twenties:) Thanks for reading, -Kara  The Twenty-Something Catastrophe “Have fun.  Don’t take life too seriously.  You have time to figure it out.” This is the common advice, among other gems, […]

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Mother Daughter Flight Attendants

I wish I had thought up the idea to blog about Mother Daughter Flight Attendants more than just 5 minutes ago, but such is life.  I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms in the world. Moms, thank you for being incredible women.  I’m not a Mom, so I don’t […]

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2012 Year In Review

Facebook thinks the biggest moments from 2012 happen only when I’m wearing a Dirndl. Ummm…no Facebook.  I like Dirndls, but I wear other clothes. I was curious when Facebook enticed me to see my top 20 biggest moments of 2012.  Did the social media monolith get my most memorable right?  Well from the looks of […]

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Blink And I’ll Be Gone

I’ve been struggling to write a blog on a focused topic.  I need to write a blog, but I’m lagging, and not just jet so.  My life is so much chaos.  The way I’ve thought things would happen in my life is not so accurate.  The way things have happened?  It leaves me…stunned. How have […]

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