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Wishing For My Wings: A World Of Waiting And Wanting My Jet Lag Back

a�?Ia��ve been up for 17 hours straight.a�? I look up from the dry cleaning sheet I was scribbling in as the last few words of that thought escape the pretty flight attendanta��s lips. a�?Oha�� wow! I can only imagine how exhausted you must be right now,a�? I respond; commiserating with her fatigue like I have […]

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Welcome To The Exclusive World Of A Private Flight Attendant

Editors Notea�� Welcome to the exclusive world of Private Aviation and a new series thatA�The Flight Attendant LifeA�is launching that will cover all the ins, outs, and adventures of a private flight attendant’s life… Brought to you by one of my favorite people in the worlda�� Summer.A�You and I are so lucky to get a […]

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