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No Matter Where. No Matter When.

I stare, lost by the sight of the deep navy water as it moves and churnes.  Maybe we are the same, the ocean and I; me always moving, always churning.  I think I tried to make it stop once;  the movement.  I wanted to, or so I thought, but I misjudged a lot of things […]

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Up, Up, & Away: Saying Goodbye To Hawaii Life

Today, I got back to Hawaii, finally, bringing an end t0 my stint as a Honolulu based flight attendant.  I say finally because we were a day late…weather this time (it’s always something). Flight Delays wreak havoc on a flight attendant’s life I really can’t believe it’s over, and I’m leaving, moving across the world […]

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Maybe You Should Get A Goldfish

Today, I caught myself smiling as I looked at Real Simple.  The colorful magazine spread was telling me how I should decorate.  Decorate a house.  Yeah.  True story.  This girl, excited about nesting?  HOLD THE PHONE!?!?! So, before you think I’m ready to settle down, read along… In three weeks, I’ll be undertaking my sixth […]

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Your Life In A Crash Pad

I’m a firm believer that no one should claim permanent residency at a hostel.  It’s just not a home.  Same with a flight attendant crash pad.  It’s just not normal to only live at a crash pad. Oh. But wait?! What in the flight attendant life is normal?  And to add to that, I have […]

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Snap Happy (Flight Attendant Instagrams)

This is life documented by Instagram.  I now mostly forget to carry my regular camera along on adventures, and instead, my iPhone documents the drama along the way.  Here are some photo highlights from the past couple of months. Craft Day On The Airplane Kiting in Maui Honolulu Home Sweet Home Flight Attendant Hair VW […]

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A Flight Attendant’s Birthday

This week was Emily’s birthday, and the Hawaii girls were determined to make it special.  I don’t think The Flight Attendant Life could be without Emily.  She’s been my constant sidekick for the past four years and counting.  We met at the flight attendant interview when I told her that she couldn’t sit in that chair, […]

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The Flight Attendant Life According To Instagram

I’m trying to keep up with my life. Trying and mostly failing. Instagram is doing a pretty good job of staying with the latest. Becky and I made a valiant attempt at going to Australia.  We didn’t make it. I also have made valiant attempts at dating, but my awkwardness calls the shots. Welcome back to […]

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Oahu Hikes

I like hiking.  Not so much mountain climbing, like my flight attendant friend Nicole, who dreams and plans on climbing the biggest mountains in the world, but I prefer leisure hikes that don’t take pick axes or Sherpas (although I wouldn’t be opposed to a personal assistant during an afternoon stroll up a hill).  I […]

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Lame Pick-Up Lines & A Lamborghini

The post you have been waiting for… Last week, I think I came up with practically the world’s lamest pick-up line.  Get ready for this pot o’ gold… “Can I write about your car?” What?! Really?! I know I have a blog, and I know I like to write, but I don’t think that qualifies […]

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Flight Attendants Living In Hawaii (As Snapped by Instagram)

Since first being employed as a flight attendant, I have loved my job.  Obviously, there are elements that I despise and would rather avoid, like airplane lavatories and grumpy pants passengers, but overall, for now, I consider The Flight Attendant Life the best job in the world. And, if life and job was good in California […]

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