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Finding Your Balance

  You had plans. …and then you got stuck in Oakland. In Oslo. In Omaha, Nebraska. Weather. Aircraft swap. Maintenance. Flow. Crew rest. Staffing insufficiencies. Reflowed. Repositioned. Everything but returning home. And that special someone is left sitting at a table for two, the complimentary bread getting cold and the server tapping his or her […]

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Cabin Crew Christmas Traditions: Talia’s Story

  What does Christmas as a Flight Attendant look like for me? Honestly, not much has changed. I grew up in a single parent house hold for the majority of my childhood, so Christmas was always a little different for me. My mom did her best to try to make Christmas traditions for us, but […]

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The Holiday Rush: What Working As A Flight Attendant On Christmas is Really Like

I can hear three different Holiday songs, seemingly competing for loudness. And obnoxiousness. There are people and presents and insanely large suitcases that keep bumping into me. The normal hum of the airport has become an overwhelming buzz of frantic travelers running from security to their gate, shoes in hand, Starbucks coffee sloshing all over […]

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#theFAlifeCELEBRATES: There’s No Place Like A Good Layover For The Holidays

So you got your December roster and you’re working every single holiday this month. Everyone else is making plans to go home for the holidays, and you’re stuck working. What to do? You’re going to have to get creative andA�takeA�your celebrationA�with you on your overnights, because there’s no place like a good layover for the […]

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#theFAlifeCELEBRATES: Hanukkah on Sixth Street and St Nicks in San Diego

It’s four-thirty in the afternoon on December 6 at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and the sun is starting to set. The golden rays come in through the windows and settle on my crew of four, standing at a tiny table, inhaling some Texas tacos and waiting for our airplane to arrive. It’s day two of our […]

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#theFAlifeINSPIRES: How Flight Attendants Celebrate The Holidays

‘Tis the season. The season of giving. The season of family. Of friends. Of joyous meetings and kisses under the mistletoe. This is the time remembering the awe you first felt when you lit the Menorah candle as a kid. This is about learning what your historyA�really means, and the importance of unity. Late night […]

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A Flight Attendant Christmas

I’m skipping through Spotify Christmas Playlists, listening to Christmas music, or trying to. A�Every two and half minutes, I changed the station. A�I find Bieber’s poppy excitement annoying, and Michael Buble, it isn’t beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Not for this Flight Attendant Life. I just found a playlist of Anti-Christmas Carols. A�Perfect. […]

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Mother Daughter Flight Attendants

I wish I had thought up the idea to blog about Mother Daughter Flight Attendants more than just 5 minutes ago, but such is life. A�I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms in the world. Moms, thank you for being incredible women. A�I’m not a Mom, so I don’t […]

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