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A Flight Attendant’s Facebook Updates That Will Make You Question Humanity

  People constantly ask me, “What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened on the plane?” I always shrug and say, “I dunno.” For the most part and to be quite honest, my airplane days are mostly uneventful and in the moments that they aren’t, it just seems normal. But for some stews, life is […]

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Dear Passenger:  I’m sorry I am a bitch today.  Love, Your Flight Attendant

  Dear Passenger, I’d like to honestly say that it was nice to see you today, but really, I could have gone without the introduction. A�It’s not your fault. A�I know you are here to fly, and I know I am here for you, but today, I am struggling. A�My patience is nonexistent, and I […]

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13 Things That Do Not Make Sense To A Flight Attendant

1. A�Pilots 2. A�Why it is so difficult to find an electrical outlet in an airport. 3. A�Passengers’ confusion as to how to open the lavatory door. 4. A�Ironing 5. A�Why the hotel front desk placed the family with 10 (ok so maybe 2 but it sounds like 10) screaming children in the room next […]

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Flight Attendant Travel Hacks

I’ve started a new YouTube Mini-Series called “Flight Attendant Travel Hacks.” A�These are short, 30 sec, to 2 minute videos sharing tips related to ‘The Flight Attendant Life.’ The travel hacks are meant to be informative, yet err on the side of silly and fun. A�But still, these tips share content that will make your […]

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Why Living Out Of A Suitcase Is The Time Of Your Life

I had a comment recently from a blog reader, and newly hired flight attendant, who will start flight attendant training next week. A�She responded to the blog about crash pad life, saying that she wishes that she could be based in her home city, and that living out of a suitcase sounds exhausting. A�This sparked […]

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My Codependent Relationship

Always with me, I cannot break away. My grip holds tight. I wonder who I am without, Because we are always, Together. I rarely go unaccompanied. And I am always going. Somewhere. I travel, Questioned as to how I can go, Alone. But, I am never alone. I cannot be. Alone. My shadow.  My second half.  […]

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Car Buying, Speed Dating, & An Impossible Match

Emily had begged to go speed dating. A�I said there just wasn’t time, which seems a little oxymoron-ish considering speed dating’s whole concept revolves around quick assessments, and rejections, specifically for those individuals that don’t have time. A�I like that speed dating seems to have the potential for hilarity, and a good story, two aspects […]

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Things Passengers Do

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the things I hear lovely passengers say. A�I thought that that post should be appropriately followed up with, Things Passengers Do. A�This is a sharing of those moments when my colleagues and I shake our heads in utter amazement, wondering, a�?Did that person really just do that?!a�? […]

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Things Passengers Say

Passengers… Love em’ or hate em’- they are why flight attendants are employed. A�This is in honor of some of the very great lines and thoughts that passenger share daily. A�The things that passengers say are in normal print. A�A flight attendant’s response is italicized,A�and what a flight attendant actually is thinking is (in parentheses). […]

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Flight Attendants & Firemen

Watch the Video. It was Day 20 a couple of days ago, and Dorie and I needed to Instagram an adventure. A�For the month that we have been living in Bellingham, we’ve taken at least one Instagram photo a day for visual story telling fun. A�We figured that touring a fire station was a good […]

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