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9 Reasons Why Quitting “The Airline” Wasna��t A Mistake

Ia��m writing this because I could go on and on about what I miss about flying internationally for the European Airline. (Also, I could go on and on about the missing, because I’m writing this while flying on my old airline as a passenger). I give myself a gentle pat of consolation and a quiet […]

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Sleep: A Tribute To Flight Crews’ Favorite Lover

I wake up startled— blurry-eyed and confused— strange due to the fact that I’ve been in the same timezone for a record-breaking two months now. Although, I’m feeling very much claustrophobic by the reality of ‘staying in one place,’ there are many benefits to my “normal-boring” schedule. I’ve lost weight; even though I don’t eat […]

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1963 Threw Up Here

MyA�pillbox hat teeters precariously as the caravan of precocious suitcasesa�� large, medium, small, and hand-baggage sizea�� swarm me like a hive of angry Africanized bees. Definitely not docile, I fight the largest piece of luggage over the lip between the lift and Floor Four, as a man with an exorbitant amount of tattoos silently observes […]

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A Multi-Cultural And Mixed Existence: International Flight Attendant Life

I looked around the breakfast table that had become considerably larger over the hour. There was one Portuguese, one Swiss, one Swedish, one Norwegian, one Italian, and one British pilot discussing a recent airplane crash and how terrible rostering made their lives (such typical pilot talk). I smiled to myself at how I ended up […]

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It’s A Trip:  An Inside Look At What Defines A Flight Attendant’s Life

Trips are defining, determining where the flight attendant will fly, who the flight attendant is with or with not, and how long the flight attendant will be away. A�Trips are often why many become flight attendants, and trips are often why many give it up. A�Trips are often given, then taken- without reason, choice, or […]

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