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Taking Flight And Having It Taken Away: One Flight Attendant’s Story Of Being “Unfit To Fly”

“Once you’ve taken flight, it’s the hardest thing to live with both feet on the ground.” a��AmA�lie Being a flight attendant became part of my identity almost instantly. I started flying with an international airline about a year ago. In that short amount of time, I climbed The Great Wall of China in Beijing, spentA�el […]

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Sleep: A Tribute To Flight Crews’ Favorite Lover

I wake up startled— blurry-eyed and confused— strange due to the fact that I’ve been in the same timezone for a record-breaking two months now. Although, I’m feeling very much claustrophobic by the reality of ‘staying in one place,’ there are many benefits to my “normal-boring” schedule. I’ve lost weight; even though I don’t eat […]

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Can Today Be ‘Hat Day?’

I decided to put it on my list of ‘Things To Do.’ A�That was a very smart decision. A�Otherwise, I know I would get mad at myself for being lazy, as doing nothing is unacceptable in my world. A�I struggle with sitting still. A�That’s one of the reasons that I look forward to flying: A�I […]

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Hello Jet Lag: Traveling International & Dealing with Jet-Lag

Today, I feel fuzzy. A�Droopy eyelids. A�Low energy. A�I want to do nothing. A�Formulating coherent thoughts is extra challenging right now. Hello Jet Lag! AA�handful of naps, movies, and snacks later,A�I arrived back home in Los Angeles last night, after thirteen hours on a plane, the initial flight originating in Stockholm, Sweden. A�Having spent a […]

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