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1963 Threw Up Here

My pillbox hat teeters precariously as the caravan of precocious suitcases— large, medium, small, and hand-baggage size— swarm me like a hive of angry Africanized bees. Definitely not docile, I fight the largest piece of luggage over the lip between the lift and Floor Four, as a man with an exorbitant amount of tattoos silently observes […]

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Dizzy: Unedited & Uncensored

You know when you are a little kid and your older brother says, “Hey lil’ Sis! You sit on this chair, turn your head sideways, and I’ll spin you around for awhile and then you stand up. That will be fun!” As little sister, you agree, because Big Brother knows all the fun things to […]

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A Good Kind Of Tired

I felt it—this sense of peace and internal contentment—all amidst an extremely exhausted body. I never feel this way after flying, I think. Not anymore. I never feel this exact sense of ‘accomplished happy.’ The tired experienced from flying is an all too familiar headache-y induced fuzz, and it hurts. It hurts in a different way than I am […]

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I’m A Flight Attendant ‘Living The Dream:’ This Is What It Looks Like (Really)

 Monday 2030 EST: It’s check-in. I’m working “a turn” to OSL. A turn is a two-day trip at my company. It’s somewhat of a joke between longhaul. Our trips are usually so long that a two-day trip seems quick, like a blink-of-the-eye or a snap-of-the-fingers. To me, it also feels like a waste of time, especially […]

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Drop The Act, Ditch The Costume, And Make This Your Best Year Yet

I’ve been reading and re-reading all these books recently. It’s a good thing— not motivated by a New Year’s resolution though, but triggered because I need to occupy my mind. I need to stop it from thinking too much. I’ve been thinking too much about a guy. Sigh…My jet lagged eyes have been even more […]

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The Transforming Power Of Gratitude

“You, stop it!” he said sternly while cupping my face between his hands. Tears teased the corners of my eyes, taunting his blue to challenge the sadness emerging from my hazel gaze. I had already discovered quite quickly that Kelley was not one to allow pouting or sorry feels to be entertained. The fact that we […]

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Confessions Of A Flight Attendant: Absolutely Worth It

The cooling unit of my hotel room in Queens sounds like the traffic buzzing on a crowded New York street. It’s loud and obnoxious, but I drown it out, because I accept that the noise comes with the territory. A lot comes with this territory. A lot of extremes; extreme jet lag, extreme happiness, extreme […]

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The New Approach I’m Taking To Flying And Life

I slept 13 hours and when I woke up, I really wanted to keep sleeping another four or five, but I had to write some things before those in another corner of the globe woke up. Some deadlines can’t be missed. I told myself as soon as I finished the three articles, I was allowed […]

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Over-scheduled, Under-Inspired, And Being Momentarily Ok With That

For three months straight, I had full freedom with my schedule. No one could tell me when I had to go, when I could or could not sleep or that I had to stay in Florida. I lived in LA and found a more centered version of myself again. Even if it was only a […]

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Confessions Of A Flight Attendant: Opening up about flight attendant fatigue

Sometimes, often times, things are not what they seem. The flight attendant life is encased with glamour; foreign destinations, gorgeous pilots, beautiful cabin crew, going places and experiencing a level adventure that the majority envies and will never quite understand.  They want your life. They want my life. They want this life. But if they […]

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