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My “Big Break:” How Life Can Drastically Change In A Matter Of Seconds

I looked down at my foota�� snugly cornered between the neoprene velcro-strap and the board. Oddly, time slowed as I watched myself hit the water; a movement that violently snapped my ankle in an unnatural 90 degree angle.A�Later, the urgent care nurses, doctors, and x-ray techs would ask if I heard the bone snap. I […]

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The One Type Of Wonder I Don’t Want

I swear flight attendants must think I’m crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lead FA working the flight from Cancun to Ft Lauderdale this morning questioned why the only passenger in the very first rowa�� a sunburned and tangled haired bleach blonde girla�� was crying, and crying so much. Yeah. It was meA�crying so […]

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The Magic Of Mexico: Escaping To Isla Blanca

Editor’s note: this is a very personal confession of my life. It’s not so much about flying, but on my own relationships, struggles, and uncertainties; which I guessa��ultimatelya�� is very much what this blog has always been about. I hope you enjoy what I feel is a rare form of my writing, especially as the […]

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A Good Kind Of Tired

I felt it—this sense of peace and internal contentment—all amidst an extremely exhausted body. I never feel this way after flying, I think. Not anymore. I never feel this exact sense of ‘accomplished happy.’ The tired experienced from flying is an all too familiar headache-y induced fuzz, and it hurts. It hurts in a different way than I am […]

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