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“Life Envy:” How To Deal When Everyone Else’s Adventure Appears Better Than Your Own

I looked out over the sun glinting against the Pacific— the chill of February slipping beneath my light hoodie as I quietly contemplated his question. I can’t even remember the question now, but I remember my answer. “Honestly, It’s been really difficult…” The words faded quietly into a smirk and shake of my head. “Difficult in a […]

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What To Do While You Wait

You find yourself wondering what to do next with your life. You are currently hoping to get invited to that airline interview. Your on reserve, waiting around the crashpad for the call from scheduling. You date and date and date, looking for ‘your person’ with what seems to be no success. You send prayers to the universe or […]

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I Like It Here.

A contented smirk subtly spreads across my sunburnt skin as I move my board and kite bag from my bed to the corner of the room. The jostle jolts some sand that snuck inside, creating mini sand castles on the hippy looking blanket that covers the twin sized bed. I’m supposed to be creating castles […]

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Drop The Act, Ditch The Costume, And Make This Your Best Year Yet

I’ve been reading and re-reading all these books recently. It’s a good thing— not motivated by a New Year’s resolution though, but triggered because I need to occupy my mind. I need to stop it from thinking too much. I’ve been thinking too much about a guy. Sigh…My jet lagged eyes have been even more […]

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“For Me”

I haven’t figured out a concise and relatable way to explain the weird oddities that come along with working for a European airline. Flight benefits? No, we don’t have those. Bidding? Non-existent. Reserve? The code is APS, MIS, and SBX, among maybe other things. They don’t mean the same, as one code requires airport readiness […]

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‘See You Later’ or Is This Goodbye?

One of the beautiful aspects of the travel life and that flight attendant one is the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting, engaging, and fascinating individuals.  It’s not only an opportunity, the constant of meeting people, but it is a normal occurrence, so much so that it becomes expected.  Connecting with others over sharing […]

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Don’t Rush Her- That Thing Called Life

As the train clicks and rocks its way past buildings colored with Japanese characters, and trees dusted with the yellow, orange, and red hues of Fall, I sit quietly, contemplating how life discoveries have this way of sneaking up on one.  At least these type of understandings have this way of sneaking up on me.  […]

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That Could Take Me Anywhere

Last night, I was driving “home,” smiling to myself over the fun day that the sun had set to.  I was grateful for simply being in Southern California.  It’s the beginning of eighteen days off for me; eighteen much needed days away from that Dreamliner.  I am staying in the same timezone for the most part, […]

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The Reality of Opportunity

I stood in the corner quietly fuming.  After working a ten hour flight, and not really eating, as crew meals are never vegan, and rarely vegetarian, I was tired and grumpy.  The littlest situations would upset me, and when I was reprimanded by the customs agent for not waiting in the correct line, that was […]

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The Twenty-Something Catastrophe

Inspired by my Brother and Sis-law who shared a TED Talk with me, Jesse, and other stories from flying, dating, and my journey through my twenties:) Thanks for reading, -Kara  The Twenty-Something Catastrophe “Have fun.  Don’t take life too seriously.  You have time to figure it out.” This is the common advice, among other gems, […]

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