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Why You Should Be Kind To Your Flight Attendant

There she is. Look past the glamorous Asiana crew strolling through SFO, past the striking jetBlue pilots with their shiny smiles and stripes, beyond the high heels and wings, the rollaboards, the lipstick, the jet set life. There she is. In the corner. Her uniform, upon closer inspection, is a tad wrinkled, her lipstick worn […]

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Dear John Doe: An Open Letter From Flight Attendants To The Significant Others We Left Behind

  A few days ago, received aA�comment that pretty much broke our collective flight attendant heart. Read on, from “John Doe:”     This one sorta got me. This job is not easy on relationships. In fact, it is effing brutal. It will stretch you to the limit until you feel as if every […]

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Milestones: Making It Through Year One

  The sky is grey and the sun can’t figure out whether to show herself or not. The bus bumps along, me with it. We are weaving our way through a morning that, honestly, looks like any other morning.   Except that I’m secretly grinning. No, actually, grinning for real.   Today is my one […]

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Seven Things You Leave Behind When You Become A Flight Attendant

You gain so much when you enter this industry. Flight benefits, allowing you to fly all over the country, the continent and the world. The ability to stand in front of dozens or even hundreds of people and tell them how to be safe. Confidence in yourself and the knowledge that you could help save lives […]

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Finding Yourself (Halfway Around the World)

Breathing a little faster, I accelerate my pace. The steps continue upwards and onwards; the air becomes suddenly chilled. As the buzz of the crowds disappears behind me, the forest envelops me, and I forge on in my quest. I enter this new world and suddenly I am alone. Well, except for Kara, my new trusty […]

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I sat, distractedly stirring my coffee as I thumbed through my Instagram feed. A�It was early, probably too early for coffee, and probably too early to be hungry. A�But I was. A�It was also to early to be at an airport. A�Another airport, or the same airport. A�I don’t really know at this point. A�Always […]

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Baby, It’s Complicated.

I stare out the bay window of his apartment. A�The semi-circle chaise lounge fits snuggly into the corner space. A�An orange throw is draped over my outstretched legs, my computer perched, the keys patiently awaiting direction. A�I like this room. A�I like this room a lot.   I don’t remember days of the week. A�I […]

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“My life is a project of seeing the good in places, no matter where I am sent, no matter where I live. A�Of appreciating the beautiful in myself, and not begging to be someone else. A�I’m on a search to find that which I was meant to do; a process of discovering who I am, […]

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Don’t Leave Me Here

I don’t feel very alive at this moment. A�Maybe it’s that I’ve been living so alive, so fully, at such high intensity, that I’ve temporarily run out of pizzaz. A�Only for a second though. A�Liken me to an iPhone, and I’m at about 5% right now. A�All the apps are draining my battery. Tired girl […]

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Jade Is Not A Good Color On You

Jet lag, and sleep deprivation often feel like an ugly hangover, and that was the state that I was in on Sunday when I went to work. A�But, I had to go, although I didn’t want to- this said from a girl that really enjoys her job. A�No matter, exhausted, is exhausted. A�I had been […]

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