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Ruined Me…

To you—I hope that you don’t read this, because I think it’s a hard thing to read that you are being talked about instead of talked to; so tread softly, take the words lightly, and simply know that you gave me the adventure to write about, and to that gift, I am forever grateful. Thank […]

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Matter Of Perspective

“He’s going to be leaving for months soon. Why would you want to get involved anyway?” I was asked this pointedly while watching the evening fog blanket the horizon, as if it was tucking the sun in for the night. Lullabies of happy anticipation and excitement danced in my consciousness. I was open to the […]

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Thank God I’m Flying Tonight…

“Thank God I’m going to Sweden tonight…” I thought to myself as the rhythmic rotations of my legs propelled me and my mint green bike with the pink basket through the muggy Florida air. Summer has certainly greeted Ft Lauderdale with its warm hello; my sticky tan skin shimmering under a hot morning sun. I want to […]

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Dear John Doe: An Open Letter From Flight Attendants To The Significant Others We Left Behind

  A few days ago, received aA�comment that pretty much broke our collective flight attendant heart. Read on, from “John Doe:”     This one sorta got me. This job is not easy on relationships. In fact, it is effing brutal. It will stretch you to the limit until you feel as if every […]

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The Single Flight Attendant: The Secret to True Happiness

Author’s note: Full disclosure, I’m not single. I’m in a long term relationship, and have been for some time. We have a house, a car, and a cat. While some of you might be asking: “Well, how do I achieve that?” I’m not going to answer that question. Because, today is about YOU. For many […]

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On Wanting…

I started this essay asA�content for my book. A�It turned into something that needed to be published here. So, here it is. -Kara On Wanting Sick. I feel it again.A� I dona��t know if it is the antibiotic that I have been taking recently, or the jet lag, or possibly the fact that I ate […]

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Long Distance Relationships & FaceTime Break-ups

You’re right there, but I can’t touch you. A�I see your face, and I hear your words, but you are not in my room, or my home, or even pulling one of my suitcases for me. A� You speak slowly, not because you don’t know what to say, but because a screen is slow to […]

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An Adventure All Its Own: Dating A Flight Attendant

Since I have been a flight attendant, I haven’t dated- at least seriously, or long-ly. A�Yes, I know that is not a word, but for this, it best describes how I struggle with getting past the first or third date. A�Most of the reason being that I’m like, “Hey, you’re cool. A�Let’s hangout again. A�Oh, […]

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Baby, It’s Complicated.

I stare out the bay window of his apartment. A�The semi-circle chaise lounge fits snuggly into the corner space. A�An orange throw is draped over my outstretched legs, my computer perched, the keys patiently awaiting direction. A�I like this room. A�I like this room a lot.   I don’t remember days of the week. A�I […]

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I Love My Dad

I’m not certain if it’s Father’s Day. A�I believe it is, at least in some corner of the world. A�Maybe in my corner. A�I’m confused with dates, and times, and days now. A�Maybe not just now, but always. A�I’m fairly certain I felt the same way when Mother’s Day happened, feeling it close, but not […]

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