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You Will Never Be The Same: Thoughts On Travel, Masada, & Israel

I often find it hard to comprehend how it is that I have had the chance— in a short few years of being a flight attendant— to see places, not just once, but multiple times. It took London and I about fifty introductions before I fell in love. Copenhagen, Denmark was a constant in my […]

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Israel: Banksy, The West Bank, & The Boundaries We Live By

I had no concept of what I would expect when I visited Israel at the beginning of February. A�I could say that I had no expectations regarding what I was to see and experience during my travels through the country, but I am of the belief that when individuals make that statement of not expecting, […]

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Walls: Palestine, Israel and the West Bank

It is ten in the morning. I am sitting in a busy cafe, the sound of beeping taxis and market vendors wafts in from the street. Inside, fashionably dressed young people sit and take a coffee, read the newspaper and update their Facebooks. A waiter comes around with a tray of cappuccinos, little cookies and […]

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