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Air Travel- “Regular” Passenger Style

I felt out of place.  Waiting in line, in regular clothes, in this location, seemed unnatural.  I purposely left my fancy juice concoctions unpacked.  I emptied my bottled of VOSS water pre-security, and watched as CREW cut in front of me in line.  I pulled my laptop out of my bag, put ballerina flats flat on the screening belt, toes collecting fungus from millions of foreign feets.  The radiation penetrated through...

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Jade Is Not A Good Color On You

Jet lag, and sleep deprivation often feel like an ugly hangover, and that was the state that I was in on Sunday when I went to work.  But, I had to go, although I didn't want to- this said from a girl that really enjoys her job.  No matter, exhausted, is exhausted.  I had been on multiple flights throughout the week, crossing more than four time zones, and who knows...

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