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“Flying— On My Own Terms”

“Would you ever want to fly again?” I ask inquisitively. I find it somewhat surprising that I don’t know the answer to this question, or the real reason, that my father stopped flying as a full-time career. It’s something he loved. It’s something he went into; then went out of; and then went into again. […]

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I Love My New ‘Crew:’ Why Working With Good Crewmembers Makes Any Job Amazing

“Yes!” “Absolutely!” “Please— What can I do to help you?” “Thank you for all your hard-work.” “What do you need?” “How are you doing?” These are the questions and statements that I have been hearing on a daily basis from my new inflight management, ground-girl colleagues, and even the cabin servers (the proper name at […]

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Sleep: A Tribute To Flight Crews’ Favorite Lover

I wake up startled— blurry-eyed and confused— strange due to the fact that I’ve been in the same timezone for a record-breaking two months now. Although, I’m feeling very much claustrophobic by the reality of ‘staying in one place,’ there are many benefits to my “normal-boring” schedule. I’ve lost weight; even though I don’t eat […]

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AirBnB Experiences: Discover A Bee Apiary, Almond Farm, & Flying Escape (All-in-One)

I grew up on a farm in Central California. My parents, to this day, still live there. When my brother and I were younger, we didn’t know what TV or cement was, but we did know how to use a cotton trailer as a foam pit after harvest day, and jump off the roof of […]

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“The Illusion…”

a�?This joba�� isA� just an illusion. It gives youA� the impression that youA� are travelling, but youa��reA� not; really. But then, you meet people. But then, you leave people. You dona��t decide anymorea�� Most of the time, we only get the worst ofA� travelling.a�? a��Anonymous If only you could decrease the massive migraine brought about […]

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“Long Term Parking:” A Transient & Temporary Airline Lifestyle

It’s not ironic that I watched a short doc about the transient nature of airline professionals while in an airport waiting for a flight. The thoughts and emotions portrayed through the film, captured from a lonely LAX employee parking lot hit close to home; very close. Too close. Will I always be alone in this […]

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Crashpad Life: “Who is coming home?”

Scattereda�� well, I suppose the more appropriate term is ‘sprawled’a��across my bed is my kiteboard bag. A lone rash guard peeks out from a pocket. There’s a suitcase by the wall, one in the closet, dirty laundry stuffed in the corner, and shoes hidden underneath the twin size cot. Kiteboard gear does not belong in […]

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Remember The Pilotsa��A Tribute To The ‘Other’ Crew

Oftena�� as a collective groupa�� flight attendants don’t speak well of cockpit crew and often, this is for good reason. I’ve trusted the wrong types; the ones who have a character less than best, a humor less than appropriate, and a reputation that more than precedes their arrivals. The profession,A�Pilot,A�carries with it a certain stereotype […]

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A Multi-Cultural And Mixed Existence: International Flight Attendant Life

I looked around the breakfast table that had become considerably larger over the hour. There was one Portuguese, one Swiss, one Swedish, one Norwegian, one Italian, and one British pilot discussing a recent airplane crash and how terrible rostering made their lives (such typical pilot talk). I smiled to myself at how I ended up […]

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The Most Popular Text Ever Sent

Four countries in five days. A weekend spent in Los Angeles, Miami, Stockholm, and London. Redeyes literally turning into “red eyes.” This is the typical life; my typical life. Maybe you can relate or maybe you cannot. Or maybe (if you are smart) you sure as hell don’t want to understand how crew live this […]

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