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Finding Your Balance

  You had plans. …and then you got stuck in Oakland. In Oslo. In Omaha, Nebraska. Weather. Aircraft swap. Maintenance. Flow. Crew rest. Staffing insufficiencies. Reflowed. Repositioned. Everything but returning home. And that special someone is left sitting at a table for two, the complimentary bread getting cold and the server tapping his or her […]

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Peanut Butter Goes Better With Jelly

I sit around in my room for hours on end, drinking tea and listening to The Sleep Playlist on Spotify. A�I curl up with a book, the only interruption being the frequent whistles of a text messages from the girls, because even though we are in four time zones, we stay together. A�I wake up […]

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From Cabin To Cockpit

I’ve started another project, because of course, I need one more thing to do (sarcasm).  I’m beginning the process of becoming a pilot, which seems partly strange, as one of the statements you hear many flight attendants say is, “Stay away from pilots.”  Obviously, we (flight attendants) aren’t referring to actually being pilots. There is […]

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The Crashpad Debacle

Crashpads are the temporary homes that airline crew members live at when their actual homes and families are not close to their assigned domiciles. A�Crashpads operate in the same vein as hostels, shared rooms and bathrooms, bunking up like you would at summer camp, minus the fun exuberance of a bunch of giggling nine-year olds. […]

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The Flight Attendant Life

I recently had a chance to watch the new show on ABC, Pan-Am, the drama series that begins in 1963, and follows the lives of pilots and stewardesses that fly for the iconic Pan American Airlines.  The show, to this point, has proved to be timeless, poised, and well written, with just enough scandal to add […]

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