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Don’t Marry Old Captains

if you find yourself with a man who wears his anger like a bruise left long ago by his stepfather’s fist and his first wife’s infidelities I suggest you take every loving piece of you that wants to help him heal and run don’t walk Every fragment of your being will pay the price for […]

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I Want You To Stay: An Open Letter To The Runaway Flight Attendant

Faster. Farther away. Run. Fly. Go. I push my foot down on the accelerator and drive off. I push my car up to the speed limit and then just over the limit, daring somebody to stop me. The sky is dark and the clouds gather as I get on the highway, taking me away from home. […]

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In It For The Long Haul: A Commitment Manifesto

“Please. I can’t even commit to a lipstick.” I laugh when you say that I should own the t-shirt that broadcasts this statement. I smirk when you ask me for the thousandth time who I’m dating now or whatA�hot guy I’ve met recently. I’m praised for my independence and need for no one. My life […]

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The Transforming Power Of Gratitude

“You, stop it!” he said sternly while cuppingA�my face between his hands. Tears teased the corners of my eyes, taunting his blue to challenge the sadness emerging from my hazel gaze. I had already discovered quite quickly that Kelley was not one to allow pouting or sorry feels to be entertained. The fact that we […]

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Finding Your Way Home: How Flight Attendants Stay Grounded

A typical conversation between long-distance flight attendant friends: “Wait, I thought you were in Texas.” “Nope, Milwaukee to Houston and then to Monterrey, Mexico. Where are you today, Copenhagen?” “Nope, Los Angeles!” “Oh! Well, where will you be tomorrow?” … That is the million dollar question that none of us cabin crew actually know the […]

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When Everyone You Love Lives Halfway Around The World

It’s almost dawnA�in Las Vegas. I’m staring out the window at the bright lights of the casinos, unable to sleep. Yesterday at this time I was at the airport in San Francisco, running between gates to catch a ride back up to Seattle. The day before that, I was riding the subway in Seoul, South […]

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Dear John Doe: An Open Letter From Flight Attendants To The Significant Others We Left Behind

  A few days ago, received aA�comment that pretty much broke our collective flight attendant heart. Read on, from “John Doe:”     This one sorta got me. This job is not easy on relationships. In fact, it is effing brutal. It will stretch you to the limit until you feel as if every […]

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Finding Yourself (Halfway Around the World)

Breathing a little faster, I accelerate my pace. The steps continue upwards and onwards; the air becomes suddenly chilled. As the buzz of the crowds disappears behind me, the forest envelops me, and I forge on in my quest. I enter this new world and suddenly I am alone. Well, except for Kara, my new trusty […]

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I Love My Dad

I’m not certain if it’s Father’s Day. A�I believe it is, at least in some corner of the world. A�Maybe in my corner. A�I’m confused with dates, and times, and days now. A�Maybe not just now, but always. A�I’m fairly certain I felt the same way when Mother’s Day happened, feeling it close, but not […]

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Dear Daughter

I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent, but if I had a daughter, this is what I would want to tell her. A�And, maybe this is what The Daughter in me, needs to hear, also. A�Maybe you need to hear it too. Dear Daughter, I’ve said before, many times in fact, that […]

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