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Flight Attendant Schedules: A Flight Attendant At A Major Airline ‘Bids’

One of the most frequent questions flight attendants field, or that I hear on this blog is, “What is your schedule like as cabin crew?” This inquiry usually leads to a rambling answer culminating with the simple summary, “Uhhh…I don’t know. It’s just weird.” It is just as weird as it is wonderful, and truthfully, […]

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Finding Your Balance

  You had plans. …and then you got stuck in Oakland. In Oslo. In Omaha, Nebraska. Weather. Aircraft swap. Maintenance. Flow. Crew rest. Staffing insufficiencies. Reflowed. Repositioned. Everything but returning home. And that special someone is left sitting at a table for two, the complimentary bread getting cold and the server tapping his or her […]

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Sitting Pretty: Reserve, Deadheads and Flight Attendant Job Hacks

I’m currently hanging outA�in my hotel room in California, surrounded by sunshineA�and drinking peppermint tea. I’m a little under the weather, but it’s not because I have been working too hard. I am currently being paid nineteen hours worth of credit to work only two flight legs spread across four days, with two long overnights […]

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How to Survive Your First Year As A Flight Attendant

Your uniform has been fitted. Your wings have been pinned. You have been assigned a domicile and a giant manual full of rules and the flight benefits are starting to roll in. Welcome to your first year as a flight attendant. It’s going to be a little rough. Be prepared for that. But there are […]

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A Flight Attendant’s Schedule

“What are your days off?” “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.” “Well, let’s get together Monday then?” “Oh, I work Monday.” “I thought you said you were off on Mondays? “Well, I am…except for that Monday.” “You said you work mornings, right? A�What about getting together after your trip on Saturday?” “I do work mornings, but Saturday, I […]

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