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The Norwegian Airlines That I Knew

My former airline is hiring extensively and aggressively. The growth is amazing and the opportunity— from both a travel perspective and employment perspective— is wonderful. Subsequently, there is increased interest over what the airline is like to work for; inquiries about pay and overall curiosity regarding the company. Although, I have never mentioned the company […]

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Summer In Scandinavia

Summer in Scandinavia makes an already incredible part of the world just that much more appealing.  Long days, comfortable weather, music festivals, architectural delights, lovely cafes, and gorgeous people?  What more could any girl want, especially this girl, who is so thankful to escape Florida whenever possible, and has come to believe that in her […]

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Why Travel Alone

Is it weird that I am enchantedly mesmerized by airport departure boards, dreamily staring at the possibilities?  Or would you consider it a waste of time that it takes me two hours to clean my room instead of one because I distractedly doodle on the dry erase map posted to my bedroom wall?  And, is […]

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