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That Fairytale Life…

I just had the best weekend in London. I love that city more than you can know. I had a fairytale there last year—one that I won’t really go into too much detail— but I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret. I fell in love there, but not in the way you […]

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The Best Laid Plans…

  “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley…” “To A Mouse” by Robert Burns   Everything happens for a reason. This week went a little differently than any of us planned. I ended up stuck in Fresno for two days with the flu, and had to call out sick in the middle […]

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Finding Yourself (Halfway Around the World)

Breathing a little faster, I accelerate my pace. The steps continue upwards and onwards; the air becomes suddenly chilled. As the buzz of the crowds disappears behind me, the forest envelops me, and I forge on in my quest. I enter this new world and suddenly I am alone. Well, except for Kara, my new trusty […]

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What Is ‘The Flight Attendant Life?’

I asked myself the question, “What is The Flight Attendant Life?” while staring at a mostly blank screen, trying to write.  I hate that word ‘trying’ because what it really means is failing, or not actually making it.  This week was trying.  It seems as if weeks are these days.  There is a joke between my […]

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A Flight Attendant’s Life:  Stories By Instagram

I can’t write.  I’m too fuzzy brained.  Or lost.  Or scattered… What timezone am I in??? So enjoy, my life according to Instagram. Mom & Daughter Flight Attendants Ft Lauderdale Sunset Copenhagen, Denmark Oslo, Norway

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Which Story Will You Tell?

This is for Becca, I’ve never met you, but you inspire me.  I’ve never met many people that have read this blog, but your emails, comments, and quiet support fill me with purpose.  Thank you. Kara. *** This morning, I wrote in my notes: “I feel crushed by the weight of my dreams.” Yesterday, I […]

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Don’t Leave Me Here

I don’t feel very alive at this moment.  Maybe it’s that I’ve been living so alive, so fully, at such high intensity, that I’ve temporarily run out of pizzaz.  Only for a second though.  Liken me to an iPhone, and I’m at about 5% right now.  All the apps are draining my battery. Tired girl […]

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Things Passengers Do

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the things I hear lovely passengers say.  I thought that that post should be appropriately followed up with, Things Passengers Do.  This is a sharing of those moments when my colleagues and I shake our heads in utter amazement, wondering, “Did that person really just do that?!” […]

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Things Passengers Say

Passengers… Love em’ or hate em’- they are why flight attendants are employed.  This is in honor of some of the very great lines and thoughts that passenger share daily.  The things that passengers say are in normal print.  A flight attendant’s response is italicized, and what a flight attendant actually is thinking is (in parentheses). […]

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The Crew Layover

Layovers- people outside of the airline industry have a curiosity, questioning what happens on these overnight trips.  Just as many seem to believe that being a flight attendant is glamorous, they’ve also made up scenarios of what a cabin crew members’ lives are like when away.  But this life has to include hookups with hot […]

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