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A Flight Attendant Chef’s Guide:  How To Follow A Recipe

As the holidays approach, the baking season is upon us. A�Some of us will be entertaining, and some attending parties. Either way many of us will be attempting new baking projects. My goal today is to try to make it slightly less intimidating. A�Where can time be spared, and what if I don’t have that […]

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Airplane Carry-On Must Packs

This is the second post in the series of what to wear and what to pack for airplane travel. In the first post of this series, you learned about the best outfit to wear on an airplane. A�There was a bag included with that, and now, we are on going to look inside the bag […]

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10 Ways To Make Travel Happen On Less

Small budget, big travel dreams? A�How can you visit the places that you want on your salary? A�It’s just not enough. A�Well, change your tune, and save your change, because it is possible to make travel happen on less, even if you aren’t a flight attendant! If you want something in your life, you can […]

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How To Pick A Vacation Destination

Some of you that follow the travel jaunts ofA�The Flight Attendant LifeA�may see no rhyme or reason to the places that I choose to visit, or the order that I choose to visit them. A�Vietnam as my first country in Southeast Asia to visit? A�That’s interesting. A�But, really! There is a formula to how I […]

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Why Iceland?

From a destination that is so overpopulated to the most sparsely populated country in Europe, Iceland is in striking opposition to the character and personality of Southern California. A�The varied and untouched landscapes, the summer days that stretch to practically 24 hours of daylight during certain months, and the weather peaking at highs on average […]

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Hello Jet Lag: Traveling International & Dealing with Jet-Lag

Today, I feel fuzzy. A�Droopy eyelids. A�Low energy. A�I want to do nothing. A�Formulating coherent thoughts is extra challenging right now. Hello Jet Lag! AA�handful of naps, movies, and snacks later,A�I arrived back home in Los Angeles last night, after thirteen hours on a plane, the initial flight originating in Stockholm, Sweden. A�Having spent a […]

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The Savvy Air Traveler

Whether you travel often on airplanes, or not so much, you may have picked up on the way air travel works: A�Airport parking chaos, Check-in, TSA, waiting, boarding, seats, luggage, electronic devices, and yada, yada, yada. A�A flight attendant gets you when you’re so far into the “Yada Yada Zone,” A�that nothing seems to make […]

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TSA And Airport Security

I dreamed about TSA last night. I KNOW! I was as weirded out as you are right now. A�Who does that?!? No, I’m not secretly wishing to hangout at an airport. No, I don’t have a crush on a TSA agent. Noooo, I don’t want to see one naked, although with the see-through-your-clothes scanners, I’m […]

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Can You Trust Yelp Or TripAdvisor?

Gone are the days of toting four guidebooks,A�weighing down your backpack, making yourself loathe those in-between hostelA�days, those days that make your back ache and muscles strain under an allA�too heavy load. Now with iTunes, you simplyA�click “purchase” to download a city guide, map, or book directlyA�to your iPad or iPhone.A� With hostels, just ask […]

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Healthy Travel Tip: Drink Water

Air Travel and Hydration Water—simple and pure; it is a key nutrient that is often taken for granted.A� Airline travel creates an increased need for adequate hydration.A� The saavy traveler is mindful of their body’s water requirements, as the travel environment contributes to significant water losses.A� Not only are travelers experiencing physiological changes related to […]

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