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a�?The Angel in 22B:a�? The Life Changing Moments All Around Us

One thing that I can say from my experience as a flight attendant is that bad days do exist. Although most days are pretty awesomea�� just gallivanting around the globea�� the bad days do come and when they do, they can be extremely exhausting. Coming from someone who considers himself an extremely positive person, getting […]

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“What Do You Want?”

“What do you want?” I asked pointedly— the words digitally etched into existence. The text message had a haunting feel to it, as if the question should have been directed at me instead of the stranger who had messaged me out-of-the-blue after obtaining my number from a mutual airline friend. This stranger worked for my […]

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Planes & Poetry

By J. Wilson Smeared lipstick & spray tan on bedsheets. Secrets kept in hotel rooms in the cobwebbed cities we fly into. But you’re an LA & I’m more of a Denver A Pinterest to your Tinder Marlboro Reds and Ambien- An entire year of them Living off of energy drinks and protein bars Jesus. […]

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I Love You, But I’m Leaving…

“Ahhhh man,” he said as he leaned in to kiss me. “I wish you weren’t leaving tonight.” I smiled as I stared back into the bright sparkle of his crystal blue eyes. I genuinely meant it when I responded with a, “Me too.” It’s not that I was going to miss him. We had only […]

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Life Of Bye

A� Some people feel trapped in their desk jobs. I knowa��not so much from personal experiencea��but because they have told me. These people who must stay crave adventure and an escape from the mundane. Their minds constantly wander to faraway places, while my feet wander in faraway places. These people believe thatA�they must stay for […]

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So Lonely Lately

This post isA�dedicated to someone who I love very much, who is like a little sister to me and who understands this life all too well. This is for the girl who feels fly life’s subtle sting sometimes. When hearing the click-click of the hotel room door is not comforting, but in fact isolating. In […]

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How You Can Get Paid To Travel The World:  Introducing Yonderbound

  What if you were paid to travel? A�What if you had a way to explore the world and not only afford the journey, but also monetize it? Sounds wonderful right? A�Sounds a little like how flight attendant life is and how, if you are Cabin Crew, you are paid to travel the world.A� Sadly, […]

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Why you should spend your money on experiences and not things

I am not in a relationship. I don’t have a car that’s nice or even works very well. A�I live out of suitcases. A�Many times, home feels like the airplane. A�I don’tA�sleep much. A�I sometimes wonder how I will pay rent or wistfully wish I was in a more lucrative career. A�But,A�I would say that […]

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Adventure Awaits: A letter to the traveler who had to come back home

I wrote this as an answer to a reader's question once, and since I have been suffering from writer's block and missing Israel and adventures with Celessa a lot right now, I thought I would post this. Adventure Awaits: A�A letter to the traveler who had to come back home For those who travel or […]

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Calming The Chaos Of Fly Life With 5 Simple Steps To Increase Productivity

This fly life can be more than chaotic. A�The jet lag settles. A�The disorganization caused due to suitcase life and many destinations creates confusion. A�You just can’t seem to get it together. A�Then, your home again, living another life. A�You may have kids, another job, friends to take care of and catch up with. A�You […]

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