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“Life Envy:” How To Deal When Everyone Else’s Adventure Appears Better Than Your Own

I looked out over the sun glinting against the Pacific— the chill of February slipping beneath my light hoodie as I quietly contemplated his question. I can’t even remember the question now, but I remember my answer. “Honestly, It’s been really difficult…” The words faded quietly into a smirk and shake of my head. “Difficult in a […]

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Is There A ‘Detox Button’ Somewhere???

Does anyone else think that 2016 is on crack?  Brexit, Trump, Prince, David Bowie, Divorces, Car accidents, Deaths in the family, Heartbreak, job switches, and what the hell is going on with the avocados in California!?!?! That’s pretty much the last straw. I can’t even. Is there a ‘detox button’ somewhere, because I just… When I […]

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What Home Is | What Home Isn’t

  In this generation, many travel frequently for work, or exist in the realm of “freelancing”—not being tied to a location. Subsequently, due to the nature of the economy and our desires for freedom, the definition of home has adapted. Is it possible to feel at home and settled when living a nomadic existence? One international […]

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Adventure Awaits: A letter to the traveler who had to come back home

I wrote this as an answer to a reader's question once, and since I have been suffering from writer's block and missing Israel and adventures with Celessa a lot right now, I thought I would post this. Adventure Awaits:  A letter to the traveler who had to come back home For those who travel or […]

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‘See You Later’ or Is This Goodbye?

One of the beautiful aspects of the travel life and that flight attendant one is the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting, engaging, and fascinating individuals.  It’s not only an opportunity, the constant of meeting people, but it is a normal occurrence, so much so that it becomes expected.  Connecting with others over sharing […]

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Because I’m Getting Paid For This…

I hung out with my friend Nicole the other day.  This girl is one of the most animated and enthusiastic people that I know.  Besides her own adventures, she and I have had some good ones over the years.  I bring up Nicole, because she had the best visual description as to how my life […]

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Cheers To The Pretty Drifter

“Cheers to The Pretty Drifter…” The bartender said this as he raised his can of RedBull and nodded ever so slightly in my direction.  I smiled, tilting my head as if his title for me was a surprise.  A ‘Pretty Drifter?’  Was this who I was when people met me, or what was assumed when […]

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