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“Life Envy:” How To Deal When Everyone Else’s Adventure Appears Better Than Your Own

I looked out over the sun glinting against the Pacifica�� the chill of February slipping beneath my light hoodie as I quietly contemplated his question. I can’t even remember the question now, but I remember my answer. “Honestly, It’s been really difficult…”A�The words faded quietly into a smirk and shake of my head.A�“Difficult in a […]

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Is There A ‘Detox Button’ Somewhere???

Does anyone elseA�think that 2016 is on crack?A� Brexit, Trump, Prince, David Bowie, Divorces, Car accidents, Deaths in the family, Heartbreak, job switches, and what the hell is going on with the avocados in California!?!?! That’s pretty much the last straw. I can’t even. Is there a ‘detox button’ somewhere, because I just… When I […]

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What Home Is | What Home Isn’t

  In this generation, many travelA�frequently for work, or exist in the realm of “freelancing”a��not being tied to a location. Subsequently, due to the nature of the economy and our desires for freedom, the definition of home has adapted. Is it possible to feel at home and settled when living a nomadic existence? One international […]

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Adventure Awaits: A letter to the traveler who had to come back home

I wrote this as an answer to a reader's question once, and since I have been suffering from writer's block and missing Israel and adventures with Celessa a lot right now, I thought I would post this. Adventure Awaits: A�A letter to the traveler who had to come back home For those who travel or […]

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‘See You Later’ or Is This Goodbye?

One of the beautiful aspects of the travel life and that flight attendant one is the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting, engaging, and fascinating individuals. A�It’s not only an opportunity, the constant of meeting people, but it is a normal occurrence, so much so that it becomes expected. A�Connecting with others over sharing […]

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Because I’m Getting Paid For This…

I hung out with my friend Nicole the other day. A�This girl is one of the most animated and enthusiastic people that I know. A�Besides her own adventures, she and I have had some good ones over the years. A�I bring up Nicole, because she had the best visual description as to how my life […]

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Cheers To The Pretty Drifter

“Cheers to The Pretty Drifter…” The bartender said this as he raised his can of RedBull and nodded ever so slightly in my direction. A�I smiled, tilting my head as if his title for me was a surprise. A�A ‘Pretty Drifter?’ A�Was this who I was when people met me, or what was assumed when […]

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