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“Jump:” What A Kiteboarding Movie Premiere & ‘Flight Attendant Life’ Have In Common

“The intersection of your dreams becoming a reality can happen in the most unexpected ways, but they have no chance of existing unless you have the courage to jump.”A�a��The Flight Attendant LifeA� The boat skipped and danced across the water; almost as if it was an invitation for my soul to join in the merriment. […]

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Flight Attendant Travel Hacks

I’ve started a new YouTube Mini-Series called “Flight Attendant Travel Hacks.” A�These are short, 30 sec, to 2 minute videos sharing tips related to ‘The Flight Attendant Life.’ The travel hacks are meant to be informative, yet err on the side of silly and fun. A�But still, these tips share content that will make your […]

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Flight Attendants & Firemen

Watch the Video. It was Day 20 a couple of days ago, and Dorie and I needed to Instagram an adventure. A�For the month that we have been living in Bellingham, we’ve taken at least one Instagram photo a day for visual story telling fun. A�We figured that touring a fire station was a good […]

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

I’ve lost sleep over this. I’ve woke up thinking about what’s going to happen. A�On edge, waiting over a month to see if I would be the one to blog all over the world, completing a “Bucket List,” that I, with the help of professionals, would design, with the added bonus of someone else picking […]

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My Biggest Baddest Bucket List

So, I’ve entered this competition. I dona��t enter competitions that often.A� The last competition I entered was over six months ago, and with that challenge, I needed to woo a casting director for ABC’s The Bachelor. A�Outcome: A�I failed miserably. A�Now, Mr. Bachelor is no longer a bachelorA�with televised wedding plans already on the agenda, […]

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The Flight Attendant Life According To YouTube

My favorite adventure friend (besides my other favorites like Emily, Jimmy, Becca, Mitch, Elijah, David…who am I kidding? A�I have a bunch of favorite adventure friends. The people in my life are absolutely fantastic!). A�But, Nicole…she and I became friends because she didn’t know what a Persimmon was, and I was fascinated by the funky […]

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Funny Christmas Gift Wrapping

If you skip through everything in this post, just do yourself a favor…don’t skip the video. A�WATCH THE VIDEO!!! Ever get tired of wrapping Christmas presents? Well, have you ever wrapped an entire apartment, and all contents inside of an apartment? My friend Mitch, who I have known since age 10, is probably one of […]

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From Airport Circus To Actual Circus

Disclaimer: A�Mr. Richie Gaona…please don’t hate me for the title. A�It’s simply for catch-i-ness:) ha…get it? Yep. Knee slapper. Thank you. So, that’s enough of that. A�Maybe you’ve already given up on reading, and that’s fine. A�Because I’ve actually given up on writing for this blog. A�I used up all of my creativity on the […]

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Vote For Pedro

And when all else fails, just dance.

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The Flight Attendant Life Travels: Istanbul, Turkey

Emily and I sat in our hotel room in Munich, Germany, both of us searching the web, bouncing between hostel booking sites, pricing out flights, and discussing where to next. A�She had arrived from Los Angeles four hours earlier, and I had flown in from Ljubljana, Slovenia, and now, the time ticking well past midnight, […]

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