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“Jump:” What A Kiteboarding Movie Premiere & ‘Flight Attendant Life’ Have In Common

“The intersection of your dreams becoming a reality can happen in the most unexpected ways, but they have no chance of existing unless you have the courage to jump.” —The Flight Attendant Life  The boat skipped and danced across the water; almost as if it was an invitation for my soul to join in the merriment. […]

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Flight Attendant Travel Hacks

I’ve started a new YouTube Mini-Series called “Flight Attendant Travel Hacks.”  These are short, 30 sec, to 2 minute videos sharing tips related to ‘The Flight Attendant Life.’ The travel hacks are meant to be informative, yet err on the side of silly and fun.  But still, these tips share content that will make your […]

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Flight Attendants & Firemen

Watch the Video. It was Day 20 a couple of days ago, and Dorie and I needed to Instagram an adventure.  For the month that we have been living in Bellingham, we’ve taken at least one Instagram photo a day for visual story telling fun.  We figured that touring a fire station was a good […]

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

I’ve lost sleep over this. I’ve woke up thinking about what’s going to happen.  On edge, waiting over a month to see if I would be the one to blog all over the world, completing a “Bucket List,” that I, with the help of professionals, would design, with the added bonus of someone else picking […]

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My Biggest Baddest Bucket List

So, I’ve entered this competition. I don’t enter competitions that often.  The last competition I entered was over six months ago, and with that challenge, I needed to woo a casting director for ABC’s The Bachelor.  Outcome:  I failed miserably.  Now, Mr. Bachelor is no longer a bachelor with televised wedding plans already on the agenda, […]

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The Flight Attendant Life According To YouTube

My favorite adventure friend (besides my other favorites like Emily, Jimmy, Becca, Mitch, Elijah, David…who am I kidding?  I have a bunch of favorite adventure friends. The people in my life are absolutely fantastic!).  But, Nicole…she and I became friends because she didn’t know what a Persimmon was, and I was fascinated by the funky […]

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Funny Christmas Gift Wrapping

If you skip through everything in this post, just do yourself a favor…don’t skip the video.  WATCH THE VIDEO!!! Ever get tired of wrapping Christmas presents? Well, have you ever wrapped an entire apartment, and all contents inside of an apartment? My friend Mitch, who I have known since age 10, is probably one of […]

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From Airport Circus To Actual Circus

Disclaimer:  Mr. Richie Gaona…please don’t hate me for the title.  It’s simply for catch-i-ness:) ha…get it? Yep. Knee slapper. Thank you. So, that’s enough of that.  Maybe you’ve already given up on reading, and that’s fine.  Because I’ve actually given up on writing for this blog.  I used up all of my creativity on the […]

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Vote For Pedro

And when all else fails, just dance.

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The Flight Attendant Life Travels: Istanbul, Turkey

Emily and I sat in our hotel room in Munich, Germany, both of us searching the web, bouncing between hostel booking sites, pricing out flights, and discussing where to next.  She had arrived from Los Angeles four hours earlier, and I had flown in from Ljubljana, Slovenia, and now, the time ticking well past midnight, […]

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